Hackers attack: how the stars are captured by cyber criminals

Хакеры атакуют: как звезды оказываются в плену у киберпреступников Recently unknown persons have accessed the Instagram Victoria Lopyreva. In the microblog model shocking posts that were subsequently removed. “StarHit” remembered other celebrities faced with the actions of the virtual scams.
Хакеры атакуют: как звезды оказываются в плену у киберпреступников

Yesterday, hackers gained access to microblog Ambassador of FIFA in Russia Victoria Lopyreva. Fans of the star were very surprised when I saw in my news shocking posts explicit content, the author of which was supposedly the blond model. After some time, the followers of Victoria understood that she was the victim of hackers. Later in the evening lopyrevoy managed to restore your page in popular social networks. The girl apologized to followers for inappropriate content, and described the actions attacked her Instagram as a criminal. In this regard, “StarHit” remembered other resonant history of hacking famous people.

Olga Buzova

In December of 2016 Olga Buzova was going through a very difficult period. The presenter was separated from her husband, football player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov. The sudden separation of the pair which seemed perfect, caused a lot of questions from her fans. However, Olga and Dmitry prefer to remain silent, avoiding to devote extraneous details in his personal life. To top it all off hackers attacked the phone Buzova and published online all of its contents – personal correspondence with star friends and family, as well as pictures and videos of an intimate nature. Especially curious users of social networks immediately began to discuss and disseminate these data. Olga took a lot of courage to cope with the negative, struck her from the spiteful critics.

Ksenia Sobchak

In early 2016, the Network has been personal correspondence Ksenia Sobchak. Internet users know what the presenter prefers to talk with close friends Ulyana Sergeenko, Nika Belotserkovskaya, Oksana Lavrentieva, Elena Perminova, and other friends. It turned out that ladies often gossip, discuss fashion events and periodically discuss about the originality of things that are of other famous people. The focus Sobchak and her friends were ex-participant of “House-2” Victoria Bonya. The environment of Xenia suspected that she buys fakes. Bonia was outraged and responded on Instagram.

Хакеры атакуют: как звезды оказываются в плену у киберпреступников“It is now clear who “allowed” me to screenings and other events. Hold on! Good luck in this difficult matter! Opened the phone Xenia anatolevny, and I was able to read their entire conversation about me… that’s what happened, but I forgive you! Let them be ashamed and embarrassed for their actions”, – commented Victoria incident.

Hollywood stars

No one is immune from the actions of criminals, even celebrities of world level. In the Network regularly publish intimate photos of celebrities obtained illegally. So, in March of 2017 in the Internet there were personal photos of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. The hackers said that in the near future will publish images from the archives Kylie Jenner, Kirsten dunst, Marisa Tomei and others. And in December, users were discussing “compromising” on the star of the TV series “Charmed” rose McGowan, before speaking against sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Vlad Sokolovsky

In early April last year, Instagram of the singer Vlad Sokolovsky suddenly appeared intimate photos of Alexey Chumakov and Yulia Kovalchuk, which they were posing naked. And in the comments to the post were asked to buy private videos of star pair. Fans wife Rita Dakota sounded the alarm, because this behavior is unacceptable for their idol. Fortunately, Sokolov managed to recover access to your personal page.

“Yes, we learned many new things today. What can I say Leh… I not paid for it. In General, everything is fine. I don’t even know how to comment on it. Our friends in great shape, with what I congratulate them,” – sorry Vlad after the incident.

Julia Proskuryakova

Singer Yulia Proskuryakova, faced with the attack of cybercriminals in late 2016, very lucky. The mother of the man who purchased her Instagram, turned out to be a fan of Igor Nikolaev. “Then he wrote me a message and absolutely free back account. For that he thanks again!” – said Julia, “StarHit”.

Don’t break me: how hackers stars deprived of money and friends

Despite the successful resolution of the situation, Proskuryakova the soul left an unpleasant aftertaste.

“For me, hacking account can be compared with the break-in, it is unpleasant and disgusting. The reason for this intervention in my life I do not understand. I think the hackers were hoping to discover intriguing personal correspondence or were attracted by the number of subscribers that can be used for advertising purposes,” said Julia.

Liza Adamenko

Model Liza Adamenko lost access to Instagram after a scandalous separation from her husband, a top Manager of LUKOIL, Valentin Ivanov. Last year, the girl claimed that her husband was violent towards her and threatened. The attackers received access to the page Lisa started to publish the mysterious posts that strongly hinted at her allegedly immoral behavior. The Network also appeared a letter written by Valentin Ivanov. Businessman accuses Lisa of infidelity and accused of violation of a Treaty. The result Adamenko started a new blog. According to rumors, the young beauty came back to Ivanov, but is it, is not known.

Milan Kerzhakov

Last spring, members of Milana Kerzhakova read it in her Instagram post about the separation with her husband. The author argued that Alexander Kerzhakov has left his wife and son Artemy. Fans of the athlete doubted the veracity of such information, because just a few hours before that, the couple showed the family reunion for charity “Flower ball.” After a few hours of Milan regained control over microblogging.

Milan Kerzhakov: “After the death of his father in time for her husband and son was left”

“Friends! An hour ago my Instagram was hacked! But thanks to the professional people we were able to recover my account. All that was posted on the page earlier, nothing like the envy of ill-wishers! Thank you for understanding!” – asked the wife Kerzhakov to the public.


Singer Zara also got in trouble because of hackers. Unknown who gained access to microblog artist, placed the posts in her account, and corresponded with fans and friends. Relatives of the singer became suspicious and told her about the strange activity on Instagram. Zara immediately started to restore the account, which took a couple of days.

“All this time my name had corresponded with you and have posted questionable posts. I apologize for the content of these publications. Instagram is now restored thanks to my caring fans. I thank all the artists, friends, all of you who were worried about me, called, helped. Thank you I have! Well, I will continue to share with you a part of my life,” shared the star.

Lena Lenina

At the beginning of last year, writer and businesswoman is blackmailed by hackers, demanding money for the return of the stolen Instagram. However, Lena Lenina was not going to go on about the hackers and created a new blog. Star friends socialite helped her to inform the public about the second account. Stoi to note that Lenin is not the first time faced with such unpleasant incidents. Earlier, the attackers had hacked into celebrity email and posted her intimate photos.

Milena Chizhova

Last summer, blogger Milena Chizhova was at the center of the scandal. Hackers gained access to the girl’s phone, was able to capture it with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and a page on the social network “Vkontakte”. Milena received a SMS from her mobile operator, which reported on the application for the change of SIM card. The company Chizhova spoke about what she alleged she came to the salon communication with a passport, wanting to switch the room to another person. The Internet star was quite surprised by such data. Milena suspected that she wanted revenge. It is noteworthy that a few days before the incident, the support of Instagram has blocked the account Chizhova, but she managed to recover the page.