Katherine Spitz agrees candid shots with her little son

Катерина Шпица согласовывает откровенные снимки с маленьким сыном Herman has been watching what is happening in your life at mom’s. Katherine Spitz not keep their projects secret from the child. It is interesting to listen to the opinion of a five-year guy, which often surprises her with his reasoning.
Катерина Шпица согласовывает откровенные снимки с маленьким сыном

In mid-December, a 32-year-old actress Katherine Spitz showed the fans the photos for which she posed Nude. The artist was pleased with the result. Despite the fact that many thought the footage quite Frank, the Caterina did not see anything wrong in them. Moreover, these photos praised her five year old son Herman. The actress admitted that showed the boy the result of their work and received his unexpected comments. Naked, but beautiful: Katherine Spitz has posed naked in the water

“I don’t think these photos are candid. Talk about this with the Apollo of Michelangelo. I gave a positive response as soon as [photographer] Diane offered me a shot. Moreover, I showed photographs of Herman — there is no visible Breasts, and there is no hint of sex. He liked it. It has a very thin sense of beauty. Herman immediately asked: “why is the water always that color?” Gave some interesting comparisons with its shade. But the main thing — he didn’t even ask me why I’m naked in the picture. The pure soul of the child does not see the nakedness — he drew attention to the pose, which I think unconsciously is associated with a forgotten intrauterine life. And the fact that you write about these photos people, you can learn a lot about themselves, about their personality,” says Spitz.

Katerina tries to do everything to be a good mom for his son. She does not accept the severe punishment. The actress has developed their methods of child rearing. Spitz was of the opinion that the children and parents to some extent, teach each other.

“I practice a method of natural consequences and avoid the word “punishment”. But Herman knows what the fines. He understands that if you disobey, you can lose dessert, games in phone (which is extremely limited) or watching cartoons. Of course, I like to use a manipulation in the education of and to do right. Yeah, I’m wrong, but always admit my mistakes and ask my son for forgiveness, debriefing we always do,” admitted Katherine.

Unlike many young mothers, who immediately after birth can feel a change in their life, Spitz began to notice changes only when the baby began to grow. She admitted in an interview with Woman.ru that was psychologically prepared for anything what to expect after her baby born.