Maria Maksakova shared her pain after her husband’s death

Мария Максакова поделилась болью после смерти мужа The singer performed during the Easter service held on the eve of one of the Kiev churches. The artist delighted the public with his voice. Witnesses to the speech Mary Maksakova noted that she still mourns the loss of beloved wife.

      Мария Максакова поделилась болью после смерти мужа

      On Sunday, the singer Maria Maksakova sang in the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. That a celebrity decided to speak during the Easter service, said the journalist Yury Doroshenko.

      The man was fascinated by the voice actress. “The choir sang divinely soloist of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres of Russia”, – he said, adding that Mary “gifted Opera singer of international fame”. Doroshenko told that Maksakova continues to be sad at the loss of a loved one. During the performance, the celebrity shared his sorrow with the congregation.

      Maria Maksakova arrived and fainted. PHOTO. VIDEO

      “As a woman, she sang in Church texts his unlimited mountain… Obviously the pain from the tragedy, grief for a loved one long gone. Maria on the traditional greeting “Christ is risen!”, probably smiled for the first time”, – said the journalist.
      Мария Максакова поделилась болью после смерти мужа

      March 25, in the Vladimir Cathedral held the funeral of the deceased wife of the famous singer, the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov. Two days earlier, a man was shot in the heart of the city. The killer of political activist died in hospital on the operating table.

      The news of the death Boronenkov caused a huge public resonance. Tragic event devoted series of releases of the program “live”. Earlier in the same TV show Maria Maksakova gave an interview in which he tried to answer numerous questions from the public that arose after her departure to another country. The singer told about what went into the territory of Ukraine after her beloved husband and does not consider such an act to “escape”.

      “When husband and wife become told, one flesh, we should not think about other people and their actions. For its part, we must behave in a way that pleases the Lord God. That’s marriage…” – said the woman.

      Once in the life of Maria Maksakova, a tragedy happened, she told reporters that intends to fulfill the duty to the dead spouse and have a Wake. The singer said that he was going to stay in Kiev until, until you feel internally that the loved one is her “let go”.

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      While the celebrity is in the territory of another country with his youngest son Ivan, her older children remain in Russia, along with other relatives. The actress admits that she misses him.

      We also add that the singer plans to defend the interests of the deceased spouse, who was convicted of fraud. “I will not allow you to tarnish the fair name of Denis. He is innocent,” Maria wrote on his page in the social network.