Ekaterina Volkova: “My daughter’s worsened eyesight.”

Екатерина Волкова: «Моей дочери ухудшили зрение!»
Star “Voronin” shared sore.

Ekaterina Volkova with her daughter Lisa

Ekaterina Volkova has shared sad news. Actress
concerned about the health of her six-year old daughter Lisa. It turned out that due to
the negligence of doctors the girl has a badly deteriorated vision.

“You often ask why Lisa glasses — shared
star “Voronin”. — I have repeatedly said, we have farsightedness and astigmatism. Lisa
calls it “apathy”, because he was unable to remember the word. We have already treated 3
year, there were a lot of clinics both free and paid, as always want
make sure the diagnosis is correct and just the child to wear glasses are not
want. Remember when you walked in glasses and taped the eye and
it turned out, I’m good. So, we chose the clinic, which is next to
home. I went every six months, checked, gave a decent amount for
exercises Rucheek for training view. Rate every six months for 10
classes. And we were told that improvements have become glass to change to a more
thin, and Lisa became worse to see. I thought she just became tired
Oskolki, skating that night just eyes become tired. But no!
Last week went to the doctor in the usual free clinic and we were told
that there is no improvement, and the vision became much worse! And prescribed glasses with even more
thick lenses. I know, nowadays medicine is a good pumping
money, but it’s a baby! So why mock him so hard, and they just
made it worse!”