Special daughter Danko flashed on the big stage

Особенная дочь Данко блеснула на большой сцене Singer organized a charity concert in support of the agates. Danko thanked in Instagram fans and indifferent bystanders that helped to raise funds for the rehabilitation of the baby.

      On the eve of the capital’s shopping center “Crocus city” Alexander Fadeev, better known under the pseudonym Danko, staged a huge event to help the younger heiress. Many admirers of men know that three years ago he again became a father – wife Natalia gave him Agatha. The doctors gave little disappointing diagnosis – cerebral palsy. Regardless of the disease, the girl’s parents are doing everything possible to put the favorite on his feet. For this purpose, the singer gathered fans and colleagues. He also showed very little. Beauty was in a bright blue dress with a bow on her head. I supported her older sister Sonia.

      “I really want to share with you your feelings and emotions from yesterday. Special thanks to all the artists who were onstage last night. Our charity Foundation “Open Hearts” has set up a four box for collecting donations to help Agatha. Yesterday, I personally saw what a huge and kind hearts of our people!” – wrote in the microblog artist.

      According to celebrity, most of all he was struck by a few stories that prove that there are a lot of caring people ready to help. It turned out that among the fans of Danko even have a family, a child which must move on a wheelchair. This unity touched Aleksandra deeply, as he told followers in Instagram.

      “I especially remember when the Boxing came the boy with his mother, and put five hundred rubles and said, “I know what it is.” And then I saw how they approached their dad with a wheelchair in which sat his sister. I also remember when one of the boxes a man came up and simply threw a bundle of 5,000 notes and silently, not stopping, disappeared in the crowd. During the concert, and afterwards, people just came to the pits and put money there,” said Fadeev.

      In the end, managed to collect more than 60 thousand rubles, about it on his page said the singer. He also thanked all who let in the box of the donation and wished her fans health, strength and long life. It is worth noting that thanks to the efforts of the family little Agatha has already made great strides – a girl learns to walk unaided. Special daughter Danko does first steps