Мария Голубкина раскрыла подробности развода с Николаем Фоменко The actress recalled how he had reported the sensational news in the broadcast radio program. Mariya Golubkina and Nikolay Fomenko wanted to be around their family situation avoid unnecessary rumors. However, the separation of the spouses still turned into a scandal.
Мария Голубкина раскрыла подробности развода с Николаем Фоменко

Nikolay Fomenko and Maria Golubkina was married for 13 years. Their Union seemed perfect, and the couple never gave reason to doubt the sincerity of the feelings. That is why the surprise announcement of star couple breaking up, which was made in the radio broadcast, everyone was surprised.

During the filming of the program “Hello, Andrew!” on TV channel “Russia 1” Golubkina remember why they are with the ex-spouse chose such an extravagant way of disclosure of personal information.

“We have managed to leave, but no one talked about it. Very afraid that the journalists knew and the news spread. Since Nicholas was a very greedy, has decided to tell all during the program. In my life, of course, there were a lot of funny situations, but this is only one,” shared Maria.

Statement Fomenko and Golubkina about the breakup shocked many fans of the star couple. The couple spoke to each other sharply, so it seemed that they bred resentment in the hearts. However, the ex-beloved were still able to maintain normal relations. Fans have speculated that Nicholas and Mary did this for two children together.

By the way, Fomenko prefers not to comment on the scandalous statement of the old and the marriage Golubkina. He has long been happy in a new relationship with his wife Natalia. Together they have a son Basil.

But she only recently met a potential suitor. She began Dating Boris Livanov. Relationship couples develop extremely unstable, they break up, then make up. Golubkina itself explains the vicissitudes of personal life that she and her partner have very difficult personalities. It is difficult for them to get along together, so conflicts are inevitable.

Communicating with Andrey Malakhov, Maria Golubkina lot of joking and laughing. In this regard, fans speculated that the actress has long gone through a divorce and does not suffer for this reason. Apparently, the young woman doesn’t hold a grudge on her ex-husband.