“So touching!” Laysan utiasheva has published rare photos of children

«Такие трогательные!» Ляйсан Утяшева опубликовала редкое фото детей
The gymnast told about how the character has her daughter.

Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya with children: Sophia and Robert

Photo: @liasanutiasheva Instagram Laysan Utyasheva

Laysan utiasheva and Paul Will celebrate the third anniversary of my daughter Sofia. The birthday girl gymnast published a family portrait. The star couple posed for a picture with two children: the little birthday girl and her son Robert. The publication Rosie spoke about how nature has a younger daughter and, as Robert touching congratulated her younger sister.

“Sofia wildly interested in gifts, Rob sends me kisses, and together we embrace the Pope and celebrate 3 years of our beads! Sofia, dear, you’re so grown up, thoughtful and independent beyond his years, shared the revelation utiasheva. — My assistant all my heart. So I want to stop this moment…you’re so cozy and carefree sitting on dad’s arm, let it always be. Love you very much. Said Rob: “How many stars in the Universe, so, Sofia, we love you… forever!”

Fans joined in congratulating the couple and wished Sophia a lot of happiness and health. It should be noted that utiasheva not showing the faces of your children in social networks. Although twice gymnast accidentally published photos and videos which you could see Sophia and Robert. However, Rosie tries not to repeat the mistakes and become more careful in the choice of materials for social networks. Athlete and showman’t want children was part of their public life. According to the couple, when my daughter and son are older, they will be able to make their own informed choices.