Maria Golubkina is suffering in the absence of Boris Livanov

Мария Голубкина страдает в разлуке с Борисом Ливановым During a trip to Anapa, the actress open up on the relationship with the chosen one. Maria Golubkina admitted that can a day to talk on the phone with Boris Livanov. According to the artist, the lover helps her to solve various domestic issues.
Мария Голубкина страдает в разлуке с Борисом Ливановым

In early September, Maria Golubkina was among the guests of the festival “Kinoshock” in Anapa. The journalists met with the actress, who told us about his relationship with his son Vasily Livanov Boris. The actress said that the rumors about her breakup with her lover untrue. The heirs of famous names get along well together.

In recognition Golubkina, Livanov helps her solve domestic issues. Thanks to Boris Maria easy to cope with their problems. Apparently, the actress is bored in separation from the lover. The woman told that can a day to talk to Livanov on the phone. Golubkina told that anybody so long did not communicate.

“It was boring and nasty, and now it has become fun and interesting. Yesterday, by the way, the Zephyr has set a record, and we talked for 13 hours on the phone. I talked the night in the room. And in the morning came the roommate who was informed: “All listened.” In response I said, “I’m Sorry, I expressed emotionally, perhaps?” Well, 13 hours is a hell of. I have never had that before. I even with friends, I think more than 6 hours don’t talk,” said the actress in Anapa.

Maria Golubkina told that choice positively affects it. The actress says that finally passed the house and moved into his own apartment. “I couldn’t do it, but thanks Bor, I still did. Bob and I went through all his manuscripts – it does not reach the hands. And I have interest to work,” said Golubkina. According to Maria, now she is busy in theatre and looks forward to the premiere of the film Director Alexey Smirnov.

Earlier in the course of the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” Maria Golubkina told about what they with Boris Livanov decided to postpone the wedding indefinitely. Who believes that our relationship is not held, is mistaken. All is well”, – said the actress. The actress also admitted that Larisa Golubkina endorses the choice of his daughter. “Boris, by the way, more beautiful than his grandfather and dad!” – says the mother of Mary.

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In a recent interview with Golubkina told that the responsibility belongs to the marriage ceremony. “At our age we need to marry in order to divorce. So it must be a hundred percent, it’s not very long to think”, – quotes the actress