Olga Budina explained his mysterious disappearance

Ольга Будина объяснила свое таинственное исчезновение Popular actress did not please fans with new roles for over two years. According to Olga Budina, she decided to suspend filming a movie. The actress also explained to reporters what she’s doing at the moment.
Ольга Будина объяснила свое таинственное исчезновение

42-year-old star of TV series “Border: taiga novel” and “Idiot” Olga Budina for several years, not filmed in new projects. The woman also rarely goes out, forcing fans to think about her mysterious disappearance. Recently, the actress met with reporters and talked about what she’s doing now. According to Budina, she disappeared and decided to concentrate on another activity. Celebrity is very involved in charity. She helps the children from orphanages and large families.

Of course, Olga is sometimes received tempting job offers, but she is in no hurry to accept them. The actress has decided to take a break in the filming.

“In recent years ceased to engage in their acting career, I might have a period in life when you need a pause. And for more than three years I have no projects. Offers come, but I don’t want to play, want to do what the soul asks. Don’t know how the rest on my life, but now I’m doing useful and interesting work,” shared the star.
Ольга Будина объяснила свое таинственное исчезновение

Three years ago, Budin were invited to a family festival of children’s Amateur theatres “the Tale comes to your house.” The actress was one of the jury members. “I really liked the idea that I’m involved in the work of the organizing Committee to develop it further,” recalls the star. In 2016, the event came of the family of the seventeen regions of Russia, and this year the event will be held in October at the Shchukin school.

According to Olga, to participate in the event can anyone. “The main condition – to be in relationship. Our festival implies that all creators must be members of the same family,” said the actress.

With regard to loved ones Olga Budina, she has a son of Naum, who was born in her marriage with businessman Alexander Naumov. According to the artist, they heir I love to watch movies, marking thus the end of any business. For example, if pupils get good grades in school, his mother selects a movie for the evening in the family circle.

Bodin believes that cinema can not only entertain, but to educate, and to educate the younger generation. Therefore, the star often offers UNAM to look at the tape, which made a certain contribution to the art. So, three years ago, Olga showed her son and niece “Ordinary fascism” directed by Mikhail Romm, writes Sobesednik.ru.

Ольга Будина объяснила свое таинственное исчезновение