Britney Spears scared of their fans

Бритни Спирс напугала своих поклонников
The singer has fun with young boyfriend at Disneyland.

Бритни Спирс напугала своих поклонников

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari


On the days the visitors of Disneyland easily identified in beauty, enthusiastically riding the rides, 35-year-old Britney Spears. The singer came here with children —11-year-old Sean and 12 year old Jaden, whose father is her ex-husband Kevin Federline. And the reason for the visit to the Park was the birthday of the youngest son of Britney. In addition to children, the singer took her and a younger boyfriend Sam Asgari, as much as 12 years younger than her. So all had the opportunity to verify that their romance is in full swing.

Incidentally, one of the friends Britney
admitted recently that she was concerned that Spears just lost his head from love to Sam. Even a friend is afraid that under the influence of strong emotion a singer can lose
found so hard composure. Fans of Britney too
alarmed. The fact that recently the singer has published in his microblog
the photo with the strange comment. Spears decided to show the fans
the result of his recent campaign in a hairdressing salon. And signed photo: “so I refreshed it the hair roots. But I think maybe better to cut off
they really?” It is her intent to involuntarily reminded fans of the singer serious nervous
breakdown that Britney experienced many years ago.

That story happened to
singer in 2007, when Spears was going through the climax of his
her divorce from her husband
and the father of her sons with Kevin Federline. Moreover, as argued
she was fascinated by the use of tablets of drug action. Stress
and medicine led her to a breakdown. Reason, she shaved her head bald, and then
cried for a long time in the cabin in front of a mirror, saying: “What
me now make my mommy…” And the next day defeated
the umbrella of one of the cars in the Parking lot. Then Britney was treated, and then
put the singer under the tutelage of his father.

the sons of Britney Spears with friends