Boris korchevnikov has made a sensational confession

Борис Корчевников сделал сенсационное признание
The presenter explained why she lives with her mother.

Boris Korchevnikov


Boris korchevnikov in your 35 years have not yet started a family and
children, and still lives with his mother in the center of Moscow. Why it happened, he korchevnikov
was told on Sunday in the program “When all the houses”.

“This is my home,’ replied Boris. — This little
apartment in the center of Moscow convenient for me because everything is close, and I don’t drive
car. And I’m not going to move. Takes a lot of time and work
all this fuss”. Moreover, korchevnikov admitted he fears that may
to get used to this situation and will never move. “It’s true,
I understand that this is not good, — said Boris.— But in the gospel it is said:
man will leave father and mother and be joined to his wife, and not only leave father and
mother.” According to Boris, he really wants to get married and start a family.

By the way, rumors of health problems, according to
Korchevnikov not unfounded, but exaggerated. “Changes in the talk show
“Live” does not relate to my health. Yes, perfect it is difficult to call, but
show me healthy people as well. Those problems which from time to time
happen, they can be solved. In a sense, they even help me to life
was truly filled with a rich and internally, it is necessary that the time from
time to overcome. But all is not as fatal as I wrote about this in the past
time!” — quoted by Boris