Maria, Carey will release a new album this year

Мерайя Кери выпустит новый альбом в этом году

Very soon an American singer, Maria Carey will present one of his “lambs” with new songs. Recently, the artist is increasingly appearing on the front pages of Newspapers in the context of his personal life, but now that she was free (yesterday it became known about her breakup with jealous choreographer Bryan Tanaka), Carey is open to creativity.

This was stated by the artist herself yesterday, April 10, to sign a new contract with Sony Music Entertainment. Dates were not disclosed as not reported, and the final track of the album.
“I put my heart and soul into new music and I am so happy to open a new Chapter in my life and continue to work with those whom I love” — said Maria during the press conference.
Recall that with Bryan Tanaka Keri broke up because of his jealousy and scenes, which he rolled recently. Young lover began to demand that Carey began to communicate less with her ex-husband and father of her two children, Monroe and Maroccana Nick Cannon. Maria not accustomed to the fact that she was lording it over, decided that it was cheaper for her nervous system will be to part with the choreographer.