Kylie Jenner happy student from Sacramento

Кайли Дженнер осчастливила школьника из Сакраменто

Unlike Emma stone, who referring to employment, are unable to bring happiness to the student and to come as his date to the prom, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, Kylie, happily found time in his schedule.

The girl appeared at the prom in a school in Sacramento where she went in the company of the disciple, albert Ochoa.

The cause of how much Kylie has agreed to come to prom, was simple and touching: the fact that the guy was asked to prom by a girl he really liked. That’s just the response the feelings with the young man she could not share.

Long to suffer and be tormented due to the failure of Alberto did not, so I decided again to try his luck and invited to the ball is not the girl from his school, and the idol of millions – Jenner-younger.

The appearance of albert and Kylie in the Banquet hall of the school has caused an unprecedented stir among there peers are young men. The graduates were shocked by this event and immediately started to remove the couple on the phone.

Note that Kylie has fully complied with its functions as a “plus one”. She danced and had fun with students for some time, paying enough attention to your boyfriend. Recall that at the moment Kylie is free, because she could not afford it.

By the way, his agreement to appear at the school dance Kylie explained that she didn’t have a full exhaust (Kylie studied at home), because she decided to fill the gap of youth.