Maria Carey has cancelled a concert in Brussels

Мерайя Кери отменила концерт в Брюсселе

After the recent tragic events in Brussels on 22 March, when during a terrorist attack wounded dozens of people from their Easter play refused Maria Carey. The American singer decided to cancel their planned concert to protect their fans and themselves from possible attack.

Мерайя Кери отменила концерт в Брюсселе

“I love my Brussels fans and therefore listened to the advice to cancel his show for the sake of their safety, for the safety of my group, team and everyone who is related to the tour” — she wrote on his page on Instagram.. and went to speak in Luxembourg.

Мерайя Кери отменила концерт в Брюсселе
Fans of the actress earnestly hope that the concert in Brussels will still take place, albeit later, but there are those who associate the cancellation of the concert with the recent failure of the Carey during a speech in Las Vegas.

We will remind that last week the audience of the concert mentioned above were somewhat discouraged by the performance of Maria their new songs and old hits. According to a video they posted on the web, and reviews, the singer can’t reach those high notes and even misses the text, speaking in front of an audience. This is not the first American I advise you to consult specialists, and, briefly removing his crown diva, to learn vocal.



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