Quirks stork: why Alec Baldwin is so eager of having children

Причуды аиста: почему Алек Болдуин так жаждет рождения детей 58-year-old actor and his wife are expecting the third child. Alec Baldwin is incredibly happy and admits she craves again and again to observe the birth of heirs.

      Причуды аиста: почему Алек Болдуин так жаждет рождения детей

      In mid-March, the 31-year-old Hilaria Baldwin, dressed in lace underwear, made the first “selfie with belly” in the bedroom with Alec new York home in Greenwich village. And confirmed that he was going to continue the tradition to be photographed in the Nude every two weeks, like she was waiting for a son Rafael, born nine months ago.

      “We begin again the journey to motherhood – wrote Hilary in social networks under the tag #BaldwinBabyBump3. – I share it with you, to show that pregnancy does not need to be ashamed of, even if your surrounded by bonkers on thinness. Women and men, let’s honor and celebrate the miraculous ability to create life. All pregnancies occur in different ways, see how it goes this time. Are you with me?”

      Her husband Alec, always hiding personal life from prying eyes and fought with the press until the battering will likely not agree with such statement of a question, but he prefers to keep objections to yourself and to indulge the whims of Hilaria. In the end, is he after the birth of each child to his wife pestered with requests to repeat the miracle on bis. “I’m dying to have more children, – said the actor. – I worship my wife, I love family, I’ve never been so happy.”

      Причуды аиста: почему Алек Болдуин так жаждет рождения детей

      Better luck next time

      Perhaps the enthusiasm of Alec due to the fact that before meeting with Hilaria in the summer of 2011 he sincerely believed that his family will be no more. Too bitter sediment left the divorce from his first wife Kim Basinger in 2002 and ten-year battle for the right to at least participate in the upbringing of their daughter Ireland, who is now twenty.

      Alec was so obsessed with this Orgy of hatred, that love didn’t have neither the time nor the energy. The actor has spent millions of dollars on lawyers, and several times thought of suicide and almost made it in February 2010, after going through a sedative.

      Probably Alec and Kim butted heads and to this day, if Ireland has not grown to age, allowing herself to decide how long she wants to spend with each parent. During the civil war of local importance Alec had to give up not only in love but also in the acting profession, because the legal costs forced him ten years to appear all in a row. He felt that life was empty.

      “I crossed the 50 year milestone, it is time to bury unfulfilled hopes, – has been evaluated by the actor perspective. At this age a man realizes that he is no longer on your way to becoming a police officer or a ballerina. But, saying these things, “goodbye”, we make room for knowledge and skills that can still be bought”. Speaking these words, Alec still had no idea that very soon will really begin to learn something new and unexpected yoga!

      In search of harmony

      Yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas actor I met at the restaurant. “Our romance developed slowly, – sparingly she said. But already after the first date I told my parents: “This man treats me so respectfully and gently as no one before him”. During the development of relations Hilary transferred the lover to a healthy diet, get rid of excess weight, was forced to sell the apartment, full of unpleasant memories, in General, harmonized his life to such an extent that the April 2, 2012 Alec Baldwin offered her hand and heart.

      Their oldest daughter Carmen was born in August 2013. In June 2015 she had a brother Rafael. “Carmen has not yet decided how to perceive it, says Hilary. – Sometimes behaves like a little mother, feeding him, changing diapers – with our help, of course. And sometimes offended, when we come to it or take out”.

      Since the rapid growth of the family again drove Alec to work, and Hilaria after the wedding with a Hollywood star firmly settled on television as a presenter of programs about yoga and the secular news reporter, with the children helping them to look after nanny. They have a couple Baldwin five. Despite this the number of assistants, the head of the family himself goes shopping and has small repairs in the house. He does not allow his wife to do anything she doesn’t want.

      “Hilaria became my hero after I saw childbirth with my own eyes,’ says Alec. – I’m in the cake is broken to reward her for it. But honestly, I hope that soon she will start to earn millions and become the breadwinner of the family, and I will stay home with the children and manage the household. This is my dream”

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