Maria Carey decided to postpone the wedding

Мерайя Кери решила отложить свадьбу

American singer Keri Maria can’t wait, and when finally she will become the wife of Australian billionaire James packer, but the wedding to be held this summer, was postponed for an indefinite period. As it became known, 46-year-old diva is now trying to settle some issues with her still legal husband and father of her children Nick Cannon.

“Now Maria trying to settle drama with Nick Cannon. The main issue that became the stumbling block, became their children Moroccan and Monroe and take care of them. The controversy lasted for nearly two years, ever since they announced their divorce,” said the insider edition of RadarOnline.
At the same time, Nick has publicly expressed his support for the relationships Merii and James and wished them a happy marriage. Sources claim that cannon prevaricate.
“Nick refuses to divorce, despite the fact that they are already two years together. Maria thinks he wants to sabotage her wedding and thwart her plans for a happy family life. She was tired from all his nonsense” — said the source.
In a recent interview, Carey said: “the Most important thing in our marriage is our relationship and love. Of course, I like things to look nice, but we’re not going to invite thousands of guests and so on. It will be very nice, but very privately,” said Maria about their wedding plans.
Recall that the wedding of Keri and packer had to go on the boat with James in early June, but because of the boycott nick it may not happen. Besides, as you know, the groom of Marii still married, and this may also be the reason of a pending wedding.

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