The family feared for the life of Joe Jackson

Семья боится за жизнь Джо Джексона

87-year-old Joe Jackson, father of the famous musical family, is in critical condition. Despite the fact that an elderly man trying to be funny, the doctors have a real reason to insist on his stay in a medical facility. Joe strive to leave the chamber and declares his unwillingness to die in a hospital bed, but his condition could deteriorate at any moment, so some days he is forced to carry out under the supervision of experts.

Семья боится за жизнь Джо Джексона
Meanwhile, many relatives of the long procession come to Joe. Journalists who are on duty under the hospital, certain that things Jackson Sr. is extremely bad, and that all come to say goodbye to him. There was even information that it could not be before the end of this week.
A few hours ago Joe posted on his page in the social network of your photo where it appears very cheerful.

“I am 100% alive” — he wrote. But sources claim that photo was done a very long time, and really Joe doesn’t look very good, and even his wife prepares for her husband’s funeral.
“Katherine has decided that it is time for all family members to gather. Next week all children Joe should gather in the house of the mother and father and talk about how they will divide the inheritance after his father’s death. During this meeting, parents want to tell children that the money will be distributed among all heirs equally. Katherine and Joe are confident that these issues must be settled in preventive measures, so that after their death the children had not quarreled among themselves. Joe said to his wife and children that least wants the family split up, as happened after the sudden death of Michael” — said the source.
Recall that Joe was hospitalized several days ago with high fever, the cause of which was complications of viral diseases. Jackson is a senior already suffered several heart attacks, the last of which happened with him exactly on his birthday last year.

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