James McAvoy told what I could be, if not for the acting

Джеймс МакЭвой рассказал, кем мог стать, если бы не актерство

If the career of actor Jace, Macavoy did not work, we know in what sphere of activity could see.

Recently, the star of the franchise “X-Men” said, who would like to work, if the whole acting thing had not worked. Note that this profession is important, but not as well paid as law for example.

It turned out that McAvoy could take place as an employee medicine, in particular – nurse for newborn children.

James said he knows what he’s talking about, because several of his friends work in such positions: “I think it’s really important work.” Also on the list of “ideal jobs” actor — Ranger in the rural Park. “If you’re a lawyer, of course, you help people, but at the same time you earn lot of money on them. But the nurse or the Ranger net profession”.

Their work yet James has no plans to change. The actor seems to be things are good. in the future, he even plans to slightly revise its operations and to direct its energies into some other channel and directing.

Superhero blockbusters like “X-Men: Apocalypse”, however, to remove the actor does not want — “when you get a budget of over $ 40 million, it seems to me, you’re not the Director. You just have to answer to a Studio.” Apparently, so James hints at the fact that he is interested in indie projects or indie films. It will be interesting to see his future directorial work.

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