Margot Robbie made fun of your sexuality

Марго Робби высмеяла свою сексуальность

The star of “suicide Squad” destroyed a stick to her image as a sex symbol, playing the role of the librarian in a Comedy sketch.

Famous Hollywood actress Margot Robbie, known for her roles of sexy blondes in the movie “the Wolf of wall street”, “Focus” and “suicide Squad”, starred in Comedy sketch that mocks her status as a sex symbol.

The movie called “the Librarian” showed on Saturday Night Live. In it, Robbie played “hot librarian”, which urges students. However, it is not the one for whom it is.

Thus Margo, apparently, wanted to show his fans that behind the attractive exterior may hide an ugly nature.

The plot of the movie beauty Robbie haunts the young students who came to the library, and she decided to prove to the youths that she is not as attractive as they think.

The librarian starts to fall hair, white smile is fake, besides it kills one of the attendees of the library and the final deals with their admirers.

But no matter how hard the make-up artists, fans girls know that her beauty and sexiness is undeniable, especially in the way rogue Harley Quinn in “suicide Squad”.