Rapper Serega was detained at the airport because of a joke about a bomb

Рэпера Серегу задержали в аэропорту из-за шутки про бомбу

The singer had to catch a plane and tried to delay the flight even tried to scare the airport staff, on Board his plane bomb.

Employees Vnukovo airport told RIA Novosti that today there had been detained a passenger with the last name Sergei Parkhomenko, better known as the rapper Seryoga.

It was this way: the actor is late for the flight Moscow – Minsk, appealed to the employees of the airline operating the flight, with the question, is there any way to delay the departure of the aircraft. Well, wait, star, you should.

But the plane had already take off what Serge and reported at the airport.

After that, the rapper suddenly announced that on Board the plane that he was supposed to go there’s a bomb! Apparently, he hoped that the Board will return back to Moscow for inspection. However, instead of checking the plane I decided to check the sanity of the star of a passenger and arrested him.

“Given the obviously false claims of a citizen, decided not to return the aircraft to the airport”, – told reporters the police.

What is the punishment for the artist and how further events will develop, is still unknown.