Margarita Suhankina: “When I’m filming, the kids worry about me a lot”

Маргарита Суханкина: «Когда я на съемках, дети за меня очень переживают» In February, NTV starts showing the new TV show, the jury which included singer and performer of all the Golden hits of the group “Mirage”. Margarita Suhankina said “StarHit” about how the shooting of the program, as well as the victims, which she went in order to participate in the project.

      Маргарита Суханкина: «Когда я на съемках, дети за меня очень переживают»

      11 Feb on NTV started a new music show, “You’re super!”, participants will become budding artists aged 7 to 18 years, who came to the casting from orphanages, boarding schools, adoptive and foster families. In the “star” jury of the project consists of Tree Igor Krutoy, Victor Drobysh, Stas Pieha and Margarita Suhankina. “StarHit” contacted a famous singer and performer of all gold hits of group “the Mirage” to ask her questions about the program and the education of children.

      – Why did you decide to participate in filming the show?

      – Because I’m a singer, a trained teacher I am very interested in the topic of music and emerging artists. In addition, the project involved “difficult” children. The jury members give information about all the contestants, we get acquainted with the biographies of the guys. Of course, their share has fallen a lot of difficulties. Not every adult is able to survive all that they’ve experienced. Without a doubt, it was very touching.

      – What contestants did you find most striking?

      – Of course, these participants were. I would not like to disclose any secrets of the show in advance, so no names. For me, a tremendous blessing to see the talent of other people. I’m glad that among these children there are a lot of gifted children. Don’t know whether life’s difficulties on their ability, but sometimes it so happens that on the scene the child, and just like light illuminates the Studio and all around.

      – How have you developed relationships with other members of the jury?

      Great. We were “nodding” familiar with each other prior to filming the programme, but very well bonded due to the fact that talked for several days. We have excellent contacts all get along well with each other. We were even scolded on the set because we laugh and joke much. And if we quarrel, it is just the need to vent emotions.

      – Whether your children see a new program with your participation?

      – Yes, they are always watching what I do. Serezha and Lera, by the way, has visited on shootings of the first program. Other days, when he was working on the show, they stayed outside the city with my grandparents, and I lived in his Moscow apartment. So we was on and children were constantly asked: “Mom, when are you coming?”. So they are very worried and hurt.

      And your children would like to become artists?

      – Lera is dancing, because the choreography for the third year, she’s got a great stretch and it easily does the splits. And Serezha goes to music school and play the piano. I must say, he does it. So we relate to music and even hold the house of disco.

      – Do not you ever wondered about the new addition to your family?

      – I do not know what will happen. Guessing is very difficult. Now my kids are a little older and began to help grandma and grandpa. Who knows, maybe when they become older. In fact, if I had my way, I would only deal with the children. I am trying every spare moment to spend with Sergei and Leroy that we read, and played. I love watching the children grow. I want to see how Sergei is married and Valerie get married, and then to see her grandchildren.