The father of Marina Anisina those, never seen his grandchildren

Отец Марины Анисиной ни разу не видел своих внуков In the program “the Secret” one million ex-wife Nikita Dzhigurda admitted that her family didn’t want to take the chosen one in the family. They were strongly against the marriage of his daughter. Because of this relationship Anisina those with loved ones badly deteriorated. It turned out that the dad of a skater never met with the heirs of the daughter.

      Отец Марины Анисиной ни разу не видел своих внуков

      Marina Anisina still can not recover after a loud divorce from her husband Nikita Dzhigurda. In the media and then pop up new details of the personal lives of the star couple. The Olympic champion is trying not to read what they write on the Internet and is skeptical about the gossip that occur around her previous relationship. Even by becoming a guest on the program, Lera Kudryavtseva, the woman was not afraid to tell what happened with her relationship with her parents during marriage and after divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda.

      Nikita Dzhigurda intends to prosecute the Marina Anisina in France

      It turned out that the father and mother sportswomen divorced when she was little. The head of the family ceased to take part in the upbringing of his daughter and he wasn’t following her success on the sports field. Anisina sincerely grateful to mother for what she has devoted his life to the career development of the successor. Soon Marina has established communication with the Pope. When he found out who his daughter marries, has acted with sharp criticism of the chosen one. Relations became so tense that the man was not able to live to see my grandchildren.

      “I grew up without a dad. If he does not want to see my grandkids, to maintain his daughter only, I don’t want to intrude. Not that I’m some cool, no, just to be killed because of this, I will not, but if he wants to invite me to his Palace to the cottage, I would like to go, see what he spends ten years” – honestly Anisina broadcast transmission.
      Отец Марины Анисиной ни разу не видел своих внуков

      It should be noted that the skater is not on good terms with almost all the relatives. The woman has no contact with her father, her brother never met my nephews. The only really close person to the Marina still has her mother. According to the sportswoman, it was hard for them to understand each other, and between women, there were conflicts due to the Dzhigurda. Parent Anisina did not hide the joy, when they learnt from the media that her daughter is getting divorced. I wonder what the celebrity did not disclose this itself. She didn’t feel then need to talk to a relative.

      “My mother hated all married with Nikita. She’s a person very proud, never be tolerated, never will make concessions. At some point, we have not talked to mom for three years. She did not catch the birth of a granddaughter, and met with her when ava was two years old. Divorce, she learned either on the Internet or from the driver. Then started to give advice, asked to remove all messages, pictures. I am a bit annoyed it’s her attitude,” said sporstmena.

      Speaking of family, Marina could not help but mention the fact that her mother was very demanding and selective with respect to men after his own divorce with the father figure skater. This behavior, according to Anisina those made an impact on her. Mother of Champions was always angry Boyfriends daughter, she imagined some, the Marina is totally different. All these differences have always led to quarrels. So a celebrity is trying to maintain a position of neutrality, and in stressful situations, consult with family and friends.

      Recall that Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina married 23 Feb 2008, six months after the first meeting. Currently, the star is raising 7-year-old Mika-Angela-Krista and 6-year-old Eva-Vlad. The ex-wife officially divorced last fall.