Anastasia can’t get money from ex-husband

Анастасия Волочкова не может добиться денег от бывшего мужа Igor Vdovin still not returned to the dancer a large sum of money. Thinking about how nine years ago she gave the father of his daughter’s savings, Anastasia could not hold back tears. Star believes that the ex-husband behaves unjustly towards her.

      Анастасия Волочкова не может добиться денег от бывшего мужа

      Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova on Saturday became the heroine of the program “Family album” on the channel “Russia-1”. The star was invited to his mansion a team of transmission, and of course the conversation couldn’t avoid the theme of his luxury home, which, as you know, Volochkova is very proud of.

      Ballerina long wanted to live in their own house, but many years had to live in rented cabins, where, according to her confession, he couldn’t even hang the curtains on the Windows, which she would like. “I have many years ago had and would be able to have it all – says Anastasia. But for the savings, three million dollars, nine years ago I gave her husband Igor Vdovin on business development. The debt still has not returned”.

      To take decisive action to acquire private property Anastasia pushed the robbery of the mansion that she rented. The ballerina said that the attack was possible because the house was not guarded, not even security cameras.

      “I knew I had to protect my family, – said Volochkova. I had to build a house by any means. I gathered all the money that I had. I promised Kerry that we will have your home. Since dad did not return the money, Mama needs to do something to ensure the child’s safety… Igor is not what gives me the duty. He products money is not questioned. I never thought that he would be able to do so – to take money I have not, and from your own daughter.”

      Speaking of that, Anastasia could not hold back tears. By the way, Igor Vdovin last fall for the first time visited the mansion of a former spouse. Ex-husband Volochkova visited for the first time in her new mansion

      Volochkova invited him to the birthday of his daughter Ariadne, and the girl’s father accepted the invitation. According to the ballerina, she wanted the man saw how she always wanted to live, and were able to estimate her pay for the maintenance of a three-storey house with an area of 850 square meters.

      “I’m happy that every morning I Wake up in the bedroom and on my bed the light from the huge Windows. From what I descend the marble staircase into the living room… I live in this house with gratitude to God for making this possible. And I cherish what we have. But when men do things one or the other, let it remain on their conscience. But when people my money contains their families – old or new – it’s not fair”, – said Volochkova.