Margarita Mamun said, when you become a mother

Маргарита Мамун сообщила, когда станет мамой This year the gymnast will marry a loved one. The exact date of the wedding Margarita Mamun and Alexandra Sukhorukova is still unknown. Athletes are on the seventh heaven and recognized that he was thinking about the heirs.

      Gymnast Margarita Mamun has been a long time meeting with swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov. In December last year, a young man proposed to his beloved. In the near future the athletes will play a lavish wedding where you gather family and friends. Recently, Mamun gave an interview in which he spoke about the relationship with your loved one, and also explained why not in a hurry to become a mother.

      According to Margaret, they are not planning a celebration, because the exact wedding date is yet unknown. One thing is clear – the ceremony is likely to take place this year. At least, young people really hope. They would not want to delay the celebration. Mamun also admitted that he did not know what dress choose the magnificent or, conversely, understated and flattering.

      Journalists asked the gymnasts do not think about her children. Margarita Mamun is confident in his choice, but does not plan the addition to the family. At the moment, she concentrated on his career. However, she says she’s ready for motherhood.

      “All the time. Everything should be done in stages – now the arrangement of the apartments, then the wedding. Sasha recently turned 29 years – he’s a grown man and completely ready to be a father. As I am ready to be a mom, I love kids. But while we have in the first place is the sport”, – said Mamun.

      By the way, famous athletes are in a relationship for nearly three years. In 2016 Alexander Sukhorukov said that is planning to propose to his girlfriend. After some time the swimmer put on her finger treasured ring. It happened at the Olympic ball in the presence of friends and the media. Margarita Mamun was pleasantly surprised by the action of its second half. She later admitted that dreamed of such a moment.

      Note also that Margaret and Alexander is considered one of the brightest pairs in Russian sports. Mamun told reporters that can always rely on soulmate. According to the girl, the young man tries to help her get through. Margarita is very much tied to Alexander. “I know that he is there, and if something goes wrong, Sasha had embraced me, and I can cry on his shoulder,” said the gymnast portal