Olga Buzova urgently called “ambulance”

Ольга Бузова экстренно вызвала «скорую» All of a sudden the presenter became ill in district eight in the evening. Olga Buzova asked doctors to come to the house, but they had to wait for more than she bargained for. The girl shared her experiences on social networks.

      Ольга Бузова экстренно вызвала «скорую»

      A busy tour schedule, writing the album, Calvary on “the House-2”, regular workshops and the creation of clothes – all this greatly affected the health of the artist. Previously, in some interviews, she admitted that she was emotionally shattered and divorce midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov.

      The night of the ninth of March Buzova feel bad. The thermometer showed 38, 5. Telediva hurried to dial 03 in the hope that the doctors can bring down the temperature and to prescribe the necessary drugs. In Instagram, the singer complained to the subscribers for the long wait by posting a picture of a company car.

      “Called an ambulance. She is coming to me third hour. Here in this country we live in.” Apparently, to write in the microblog Olga made experiences for your health and the lack of any family or friends that can help. The fans are very upset the next deterioration of the physical condition of the star. Followers have written over a thousand comments with questions, support and wishes for their idol.

      “Olga, no pain! Get well, take care of yourself. Now spring, we take off our clothes, warm clothes for easy moving. Moreover, you have the concerts, the shooting, the rest no. A day, probably two or three or four hour sleep. Get well, our good. Love you, kiss you. We are with you”, “sick Again? It’s not a physical problem, psychological! You all of these situations have shattered: a divorce, with the publication of personal videos, and texting, the problems on the “House-2″. Do, please, these, rest, stop plow horse. We want to see you healthy! And happy! And smile, and no pain!”

      Interestingly, in Network kind words wrote not only people from all corners of Russia, but also the possible neighbours of a movie star. “Olga, trying to get your attention. I’m your roommate. You bring us something?” – worried one of the followers of the artist.

      We will remind that not so long ago Buzova became ill during a speech at a big concert in St. Petersburg. Then the girl almost fainted due to overwork and excitement. Olga Buzova became ill during a speech in St. Petersburg