Стеша Маликова показала нежность с бойфрендом Daughter of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov shared a touching picture to Instagram. The eighth of March, the young people spent together. In the photo she and her boyfriend look happy and peaceful.

      Nearly half a million people watching the daughter popular by Stephanie. Beauty regularly puts up posts from filming, social events or family gatherings. But of particular interest followers causes her affair with the billionaire’s son, the same age as Leonidas.

      Stesha Malikova Dating billionaire’s son

      Malikov Jr. tries periodically to indulge fans of the joint staff with the chosen one. So, yesterday she put the picture, which showed all the awe and tenderness that filled the couple. Stesha had put her head on the shoulder of the beloved and, smiling, closed his eyes. Leon said moving look at the second half and also lowered his head. “Love” – succinctly wrote Stesha.

      Apparently, the eighth of March, the young people spent together. Subscribers are very touched by the photo taken in the car after the holiday, and they even shared the emotions in the comments.

      “What a cute Bunny! I wish you happiness!”, “Congratulations, stay the same gentle. Be happy” “God! You look lovely!”, “Really cute!”, “What beautiful! Such feelings!” – leave reviews online.

      Recall that to draw the attention of the star successor the son of a former Governor of the Tula region tried for a very long time. But only after a time, the beauty appreciated his efforts. “To be honest, I don’t like the word “achieve” in relation to the girl. I believe that you can achieve your goal. It beautifully looked after throughout two very long-winded… I grew up and realized that my world is this man,” said Stefania. However, attitude has unveiled the first not it is on one of the TV programs Dmitry Malikov himself spoke about the other daughter.

      “She has a young man with whom she communicates more than with other guys. His name is Leonid. He is our guest. They communicate a lot”.

      It is interesting that, despite their young age, the model wisely perceives envy and criticism of detractors. Recently unknown user of social networks accused her boyfriend of infidelity. But she not only showed no reaction, but still was able to rebuff. She wrote “You cap t handle the truth”, which translates as “the Truth you can’t handle”.