Svetlana Permyakova met with first love after 20 years

Светлана Пермякова встретилась с первой любовью спустя 20 лет The artist was nice to see a man, with whom in her youth she was having an affair. Svetlana permjakova told me that at that time her lover was tied up relationship with another woman. After a long time, beloved star of TV series “Interns” came to the Studio “Let them talk”.

      Светлана Пермякова встретилась с первой любовью спустя 20 лет

      Svetlana permjakova became popular after appearing in the team of KVN “Parma”. However, fame brought her the role of Lyubov Scriabin in the TV series “Interns”. The artist does not hide that he was married only once – with the art Director of one of Moscow clubs Evgeny Bodrov she lived only a month and filed for divorce. At that time Svetlana was 36 years old. In the same year the artist met Maxim Skryabin, from which some time later gave birth to a daughter Cook.

      Permyakova remembered that parents never push her to marriage. They thought that perhaps their daughter will have a great career. In one of the old interviews mother Svetlana told me that a female heir was a married admirer, whom she met at the age of 21. Parents didn’t like that their daughter is courted by a proprietary male. Because of dissatisfaction with the dearest people in love had to end the relationship.

      Andrey Malakhov invited Alexander in the Studio. For the Permyakova it was a real surprise. The man remembered about the development of their relationship, when they played in the same theatre.

      “After a gentle kiss and she said it was not the end but only the beginning. From this time began a clean and gentle real love that can only bring happiness. All the talk that love carries grudges, is the talk of losers. Love brings only happiness,” concluded Alexander.
      Светлана Пермякова встретилась с первой любовью спустя 20 лет

      The man said that his son is now 21 years old. Svetlana was uncomfortable that perhaps a discussion of their longtime affair won’t like to hear his current wife. However, Alexander admitted that 12 years ago he got divorced.

      Permyakova remembered how touching Alexander courted her – left a cute note with pleasant words, and made a Grand gesture. Some time Belinda had problems with the money – she lived literally from paycheck to paycheck. Due to the poor diet she developed beriberi. One day, she found herself at the door a big basket of fruit. It turned out that it was a gift of Alexander.

      Despite the fact that after the separation of the pair passed more than 20 years, the man still thinks about the Permyakova with love.

      “Light was in my life an unattainable star. I’m glad she found true happiness and love her no one forbids me,” concluded the man.