Margarita Agibalova forces Bella to go to kindergarten

Маргарита Агибалова заставляет Бэллу ходить в детский сад The star of “House-2” told about change in the life of Bella. Margarita Agibalova admitted that not so long ago gave the younger child in preschool. According to mother, she has to collect her backpack with toys, so that she was not satisfied with tantrums. The star of “House-2” told about changes in a child’s life.
Маргарита Агибалова заставляет Бэллу ходить в детский сад

The younger daughter Margarita Agibalova Bella is now three years. A young mother decided it was time to give the girl to the kindergarten. The now ex-participant reality show “House-2” tells fans about how the baby adapts in the team. As it turned out, Bella spends so much time away from home – after his NAP Agibalova takes it. The girl is not so easy to part with my mother every morning, but because Margaret had to go on tricks to send your child to kindergarten.

“Every morning we collect a bunch of toys in a backpack (every day new), but first Bella greedy and not let anyone play them. Then gradually the children came into her trust, and she began to share her toys. We go to a private garden for about three weeks, and during all this time Bella was crying only twice. But after I gave her her backpack and a suitcase with toys with him, she stopped to throw tantrums,” admitted Agibalova.

Fans were pleased to see that adaptation of Bella is so calm. They also shared their observations about how their children began to go to kindergarten. Some were surprised that kids are allowed to bring their own toys. “My no promoterwise. And even more festivities and a jelly baby”, “Nothing new is said, we have a regular garden all the same”, “We also go with a toy, favorite. Allow her to sleep, the child was not crying,” wrote a follower.

Daughter Margarita enjoys spending time under the care of the teacher and the administrator of the institution. The star of “House-2” is happy that the baby feels comfortable in front of other people. However, Agibalova have to persuade the child.

“Every morning, I motivate it the fact that when I take her out of kindergarten, we will go for a walk in the Park or buying her jelly bean and so on. A huge plus – extensive experience and professionalism of kindergarten teachers. When Bella comes into the garden, she runs to hug a teacher and administrator kindergarten. I, as a mother, it really warms the soul” – confessed former member of the famous electroni.