Maxim Fadeeva accused in the broken lives of SEREBRO soloists

Максима Фадееева обвинили в сломанных судьбах солисток SEREBRO Kate Gordon recorded a humorous video, which spoke about the changes in the composition of the popular group. Not so long ago SEREBRO left Pauline favorska, and last year with Maxim Fadeev said goodbye Daria Shashina.

Kate Gordon sometimes says news of show business from his alter-ego Gadi Cardboard. Recently, a woman decided to speak out about the casting for the group SEREBRO. In late August, Pauline favorskaya announced to fans about his decision to leave the team. The girl is going to focus on the study of meditative practices.

Maxim Fadeev spoke about drastic changes in the band SEREBRO

Gordon told subscribers to “Instagram” that friends recommended her not to upload bold movie. However, Katya still published your comment despite the warnings of friends.

“For the hundredth time neopositivist group SEREBRO, which is the masses the idea of female friendship and love… Good Maxim Fadeev looking for a soloist. The remaining girls bare huddle to each other, demonstrate warm relationships in the team… Gadya Corton as always, rhyme relevant. As I said several figures of show business: “Katya, what are you! Don’t make! Revenge will be.” I thought, “What a dumb rumor and has not changed itself,” said Gordon.

The woman spoke about the constant change of SEREBRO soloists in peculiar her alter-ego an ironic manner:

Oozing of Fadeev good
Clear his production power.
But, my friends, a group SEREBRO
No longer a group, and purgatory.
Come to mind “Ten little Indians”,
An Agatha Christie novel comes to mind
Leave women who year in a row,
Leave and have not returned.
The legs refused one
The other problem is impossible,
The third with the psyche, a fifth – hemorrhoids,
And sixth twisted fate.
And all are afraid of ants on the skin
Telling the camera: “Fadeev – it is good.”
And I want to say: “Girls, hush,
And that really Fadeev will hear us”.

Members Gordon supported her encouraging comments. In their opinion, the poem was quite funny and memorable. “Cool”, “Good”, “Awesome”, “Cool, “the nail on the head”, “point”, “Bravo”, “Bold”, “Brilliant”, “revised Several times”, “I Love you more and more,” wrote social media users.

Note that the casting for the group SEREBRO became one of the most talked-about events on the Internet. Possible candidates for the place of Pauline Tabor leave their requests on the Internet, accompanied by the hashtag #SEREBROBQCASTING. Among those who decided to fight for a place in the maiden pop group, was the former participant of “House-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko. Girl publicly appealed to Maxim Fadeev, noting that in awe of all his projects. The star of “House-2” is casting to band SEREBRO