Mamma mia! Rodriguez stripped down for a photoshoot

Mamma mia! Родригес разделся для фотосессии

Look at the naked singer can be anyone, and it is absolutely free! In the gallery 25KADR GALLERY hosted the opening of the project of photographer Lara Bardina “Morning Star”.

Waking up in the morning is one of the most intimate processes in human life and in the life of the stars is practically the only time when they can afford to be completely natural. This is the time when everyone belongs to herself. What they are, our artists, in the morning? When just got up from bed, slowly crawled to the kitchen, brewed himself a Cup of coffee…

This question was asked photographer Lara Bardeen and asked the house to several famous men, the morning is the strong half of our show business are worried about the photographer, such as Timur Rodriguez, Nikita Efremov, star of TV series “Kitchen” mark Bogatyrev, the protagonist of the recent premiere of “Good boy” semen Treskunov and some other famous men. Gained a lot of spicy staff!

Part of the filming took place in real homes of the stars, and some was filmed in a real castle: hotel “Petroff Palace”. Built during the reign of Catherine II, in the late eighteenth-century Petrovsky Palace was intended for rest of the Imperial family as they returned from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Yesterday all the heroes of the exhibition “Morning star” gathered for the opening at 25KADR GALLERY. The presentation was attended by celebrity guests: tutta Larsen, Elena borscheva, Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, Olga Ushakov, and many others. The exhibition will run from 10 to 18 November on the territory of “red October”. Entrance is absolutely free!

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