What a life! Borodin left on vacation the second time in a month

Живут же люди! Бородина улетела в отпуск второй раз за месяц

This time Ksenia and her husband on Eid holidays took their children with them.

It often happens that the stars as ordinary people, counting the days to an upcoming holiday. What is required to report in their social networks. Someone demonstrates new clothes that I will take with me on vacation, someone complains that does not have time to finish things, and a vacation is about to begin. In General, everything like everyone else.

However, Ksenia Borodina was kind so secretive that not a word is said to the fans, when three weeks ago, flew with her husband to a romantic trip to the Seychelles. And now that Ksenia with more family again went to rest, fans learned after the fact – when Borodin posted a photo from the plane.

“I flew as wanted, – has signed a snapshot of the plane leading “House-2″. — Daddy’s here.”

Dad, apparently, taking pictures of the entire company. And pictured are Xenia younger daughter Thea on his hands, sitting behind Kurban son from his first marriage and left Mary, the daughter Borodina from his first marriage. All, as they say at work, presenter, very happy.

Now, I understand the reticence of Susie. Second vacation in a month, and with a difference in two weeks! Such frequency of flights is only envy, and if the first trip to fans of the stars were happy for her, wish them husband and lots of fun, this time the comments of the fans became more sarcastic. Someone postelsia over how She likes to show that they fly first class. Others discussed children’s TV presenter. Others jokingly wanted Ksenia to gain strength after such a hard and long two-week work schedule.