Group Serebro’s stuck at the airport

Группа Serebro застряла в аэропорту
Singer suffered from the freezing rain.

Group “Silver”

This week’s weather across Russia sprung a surprise. Yet
Anton Makarsky in the suburbs cleaned up the car after
attack of freezing rain, the group Serebro in full force stuck at the airport in

This was stated by the soloist Olga Seryabkina. All
happened for the same reason as in the capital. Only in Cheboksary abnormal
weather and freezing rain literally stopped the life of the city. Because no ice crust
planes fly and children do not go to school — classes are cancelled in order to avoid
injuries due to icy conditions.

“This winter will be like full of weather surprises
shared Olga. — Cheboksary already half a day do not give departure. All plans for today

It is unknown how much the group Serebro will have to stay in
the airport of the city. Perhaps the singer will stay in Cheboksary yet a day or more.

It is worth noting that the last time freezing rain in
Russia, and particularly in the capital, are not uncommon. So in the beginning of this year
famous tenor Placido Domingo arrived in Moscow in the midst of this disaster