Malakhov, Isinbayeva, Savicheva: stars who became parents in the last year

Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год Many celebrities celebrated the completion of the family. Some celebrities tried to hide the pregnancy and kept an interesting secret until the last moment. However, there were those who could not remain silent and shared his joy with fans. We have collected touching family history Andrei Malakhov, Julia Kovalchuk, the singer Dakota and others.
Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

Many stars in 2017 have experienced the joy of parental trouble. Someone became mom and dad for the first time, and someone already had experience of caring for the baby. Anyway, for each actor, TV presenter or singer on our list, this event was absolutely unique and special.

“StarHit” remembers it like celebrities preparing for the replenishment of the family.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

That chief editor of the “StarHit” and his wife Natalia shkuleva are expecting a baby, it became known in early August 2017. Fans were delighted by this news, because the TV presenter has long dreamed of the heir. According to the man, he and his wife from the first days began to prepare for the birth and upbringing of your child.

Andrey Malakhov told about the new born baby

The firstborn of Andrew and Natalia was born 17 November 2017. The boy weighing 4,020 pounds and 54 cm was born in the clinical hospital “Lapino” late in the evening. After that she hurried to share with the fans emotions.

“The name of the child we have to choose – do you want to look at the nature of the baby, told the “StarHit” on the phone a young dad. – Waiting for the moment when will be able to change son’s first diaper”.

The name of the newborn in the end chose by voting. This broadcaster announced in the framework of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. In the end, and the fans, and the parents themselves gave preference to the name Alexander. Now chief editor of the “StarHit” trying all the free time to spend with his beloved wife, watching, growing his heir.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

Rumors that Yulia Kovalchuk expecting first child went, but the singer has steadfastly denied such speculation. When a young woman began increasingly to appear in public in dresses free cut, the fans left no doubt.

October 14, the singer posted the first photo of his newborn daughter. The picture shows the legs of a girl, who carefully holds the new Pope Alexey Chumakov. Julia hastened to explain to the fans why so long concealed their own pregnancy.

Julia Kovalchuk turned to the newborn daughter

“There is a world of words, there is no emotion that can describe this new feeling. Now like no time. There is inexplicable love and dependence. Thank God, beloved and all the doctors who was there for your daughter. I’m sure you can understand why we so strongly guarded our happiness, no one is allowed in this world. We wanted to just enjoy the event,” wrote Kovalchuk in Instagram.

While young parents do not reveal the name of the baby and prefer not to discuss the replenishment of the family. Apparently, Kovalchuk decided not to stay in the decree. The young woman already been released, and fans have been quick to point out that Julia just a few weeks they arrived in perfect shape.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

Vlad and Rita decided not to hide from fans such a good news. They reported it in social networks. Moreover, throughout the pregnancy Dakota’ve been posting on Instagram dedicated to her interesting position. A young woman talked about feelings, a stroller and other stuff related to the future baby.

The firstborn pair was born 25 Oct. Young parents dedicated this edition of your blog on YouTube. Later they reported that they had to name her MIA. According to Rita and Vlad, the baby is growing very fast. Now they spend the next heir to all the free time, but has not yet shown her face to fans.

Despite the recent birth, Rita decided to leave her singing career for a long time. A young woman attends social events and is preparing a new creative projects.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

In 2017 for the first time became a mother and singer Julia Savicheva. And the good news to fans of said artist producer Maxim Fadeev through social networks.

“Hello! It’s time to open up. I want to tell all the news. We have very good news. Julia Savicheva daughter was born. Many talked about it, especially journalists, we have Julia “gave birth” every month”, – said the producer 22 Aug.

Later she and the new mother got in touch with the fans. She wrote a touching letter to his daughter on Instagram.

As it turned out, this pregnancy was not a first for Julia. In one interview, a young woman remembered a tragic case from his own past. Then she had a miscarriage in the early stages. It was then that the actress decided to take a career break in order not to risk the health of your baby.

Julia Savicheva lost the baby

Now Savicheva have returned to active work. She recorded the song, which instantly became a hit. Julia is an active speaker, but manages to care for her daughter.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

A Western star is also pleased the fans with news about the new addition to their families. However, the greatest excitement was caused by the message about the pregnancy of the Queen of R’n’b Beyonce. She told of an interesting situation, posting Instagram post.

Throughout Beyonce’s pregnancy continued to work, but toured with much less activity. The star couple tried as best possible to comment on the topic in the media.

The singer became a large mother on June 12. She gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, who called Sam and Rumi. A little later, the singer posted the first picture of the newborn on Instagram, which instantly gathered a few million likes.

Now she has returned to live performances. According to rumors, the pregnancy has inspired beyoncé to create a new revolutionary album.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

8 December 2017, the actress in the second time became a mother. She gave birth to a girl, but is in no hurry to reveal to fans the name of the baby. A star for a long time hid the pregnancy, but the fall in social events was noticeable rounded tummy.

Despite this, Zakharova did not comment in its own interesting position. Fans speculated that the way the actress was trying to protect herself and the baby. Recall that in 2011, Elena was faced with a terrible tragedy. Her daughter Anna Maria died of acute viral infection, at eight months of age.

Star of theatre and cinema has repeatedly admitted that what happened nearly overwhelmed her. Only faith in God helped her cope with grief. Now the young woman does not advertise personal life. In this regard, the fans know who is the father of the newborn girl. However, this does not prevent the fans to fill up the Zakharov compliments and wishes of good health.

Elena Zakharova told about the state of newborn daughter


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

26 APR Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time. The singer gave husband Dmitry ishakova a daughter who was named MIA. The star did not hide her pregnancy but were not willing to share details about their own health. The actress continued to work, despite an interesting position.

While star parents do not post pictures of the newborn MIA. But they are happy to share their impressions about the addition to the family. So, Dmitry Iskhakov devoted daughter touching Instagram post.

“I have feelings so strong that they can’t even find the words to describe them. This is something absolutely untried me before. Love of a different order. And the smell! This smell is impossible to photograph, and it torments me. The most delicious smell in the world”, – said the photographer.

Recall that Gagarina has a son, ten-year-old Andrew from a previous marriage with Peter Kislov. For Dmitry Iskhakov girl was the firstborn.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

8 February 2017 Anna Sedakova announced to fans about her pregnancy through Instagram. For many, the news came as a complete surprise, because the star was trying not to show his new novel. It turned out that the father of the future baby is a businessman Artem Komarov.

The singer became a mother for the third time on April 8. Later she told me that she gave her son the name Hector. Thus Anna long was showing the fans face the boy. Almost immediately after the appearance of the baby born Sedakova broke up with Komarov.

In the summer she is photographed with someone else’s child and the singer of the band M Band Anatoliy Tsoy. Photo posted in Instagram, immediately gave rise to rumors of a romance of two artists who are strongly heated. However, after it became clear that the picture depicts not a small Hector.

Anna Sedokova put an end to disputes about the father of her son

His son Sedakova showed only at the end of December 2017. Fans came to the unanimous opinion that the boy was remarkably similar to the mother. The singer does not get tired to confess that in children see your own life’s meaning.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

The novel of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper has been developing rapidly. About it it became known in April 2015, and a year later it turned out that the model is pregnant. News about the interesting position of the star scattered around the world immediately after the show Victoria’s Secret, where the rounded tummy of a young woman were visible to the naked eye.

Irina continued to work throughout pregnancy. She moved to the home of Cooper and spent a lot of time with his mom.

The heiress pair was born on 21 March 2017. The girl was named Leia de Sien Cooper. Happy parents tend not to comment on personal life. They still did not show the daughter fans, but journalists sometimes make the pictures Shake while walking with the baby.

Now the Western tabloids actively discuss possible wedding of Irene and Bradley, which is rumored will take place in 2018.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

Finalist of the show “the Bachelor” and her partner became the parents of 15 October 2017. During the whole period of pregnancy Galina actively shared their impressions, told about the diet and plans for the future.

The pregnancy was a surprise, like Rzhaksinsky and her lover. The pair were going to get married this summer, but for the provisions of Galina, it was decided to postpone the ceremony. However, the star admitted that the future baby is a welcome, and the speedy appearance of the crumbs into the light already dreaming of all the numerous relatives of the young women.

Despite the fact that the first months of Galina felt fine, in the later stages of pregnancy, she still had to lie on conservation. Baby Elizabeth was born in one of the Moscow hospitals. About this new mother hastened to inform on Instagram.

“The first minute of our daughter’s life. Our meaning of life. Husband, I love you very much. Thank you for always there, and Elizabeth was not scared”, – has signed a touching scene from the hospital Rzhaksinsky.

Earlier she admitted that he is not going to stay in the decree. Almost immediately after the birth Galina was to participate in diverse business projects and in late December they went to Thailand together with the elect, leaving the daughter in the care of parents.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

20 July 2017 it became known that the popular actress gave birth to her third son. Kozhevnikova was trying not to show an interesting situation, and therefore not immediately commented on the news about the birth. When the information was leaked to the media, Mary got in touch with the fans and thanked them for their congratulations.

Maria Kozhevnikova: “I was large mom”

The star decided not to show the younger heir fans. She often talks about her health and educational methods, but tries not to discuss newborn son. Recall that Maria and her husband Eugene are already raising a three-year Ivan and two-year maxima.

The actress has repeatedly admitted that he always dreamed of a big family. That’s why the fans are sure that Kozhevnikova is sure to become mom again, because the star will want to give birth to the long awaited girl.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

But in the family of a popular rapper on the contrary are born only girls. The third pair heiress was born on 27 April 2017. I told myself djigan, laying out the first picture with her daughter.

“I’m in heaven! Meet Maya! My third daughter! With God,” said the rapper in a microblog.

Oksana made no secret that she and her husband wanted a son, because the family has grown up two daughters. However, the pair was glad such a gift of fate. Samoilov led an active lifestyle throughout pregnancy. The young woman worked a lot, traveled and even played sports.

Parents have long hidden the face of the crumbs of Maya, but after a few months after her birth still showed a girl. Incredibly beautiful girl, according to fans, more like Oksana. Now the happy parents not tired Declaration of love to each other and to their heirs.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

Andrei Arshavin became a father for the fourth time in February 2017. Happy parents prefer to keep my private life private, therefore, about the interesting position of Alice fans learned only in September, when a pair of legalized relationships. For celebration, a young woman chose a white dress that couldn’t hide rounded tummy.

Kazmin gave the famous footballer the daughter Yesenia. Within a few months of their relationship, reigned absolute idyll, but later “StarHit” it became known about the separation of lovers.

Andrei Arshavin for the first time about divorce: “I walked and now I regret”

“Soon I will file for divorce. But now, it almost doesn’t matter. We live in different cities. No material claims have, on the alimony to submit will not,” said Alice in an exclusive comments “StarHit”.

Later it turned out that Kazmina caught Arshavin with treason. She moved to St. Petersburg and stopped all contacts with the player. However, Andrew is trying to achieve forgiveness. A month later, Alice decided to give the relationship another chance. She confirmed that they are now the family are all well, and that means the divorce is off.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

The singer Pelagia also became a mother in 2017. She gave birth to a daughter on January 21, and it soon became clear that the baby was named Taisia.

The star did not advertise his position and refused from any comments about the pregnancy. However, rumors about this have appeared regularly, because the artist refused to participate in the project “the Voice” and cancelled the tour.

Now the star returned to active concert activity. She protects her daughter from unwanted attention, so not showing to her fans. Hockey player Ivan Telegin fully supports the singer in her desire to keep personal life secret. Recall, wedding lovers also took place in a narrow circle, and fans learned about it only a few days later.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

That the singer and the skater, are expecting their second child, it became known on 14 may. Svetlana has published a picture in which the visible rounded tummy.

For many months Svetikova lecturing touching footage of her husband and son, not getting tired to mention how happy she is. The young woman became a mother on September 24th, and soon said that he called the heir of a Christian.

Immediately after birth, the singer began athletic training, and eventually after a few weeks regained perfect figure. Now Svetlana is actively engaged in creative activities, but also about motherhood are not forgotten. All free time she spends with her husband and beloved sons.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

Nelly Ermolaeva quite a long time hid the pregnancy. The first rumors about her interesting position appeared in the summer, but the young woman confirmed them in the end of autumn.

A few weeks before the delivery she went to the USA, the baby was born in the best possible conditions. In numerous interviews, the presenter admitted that long dreamed about the birth of the firstborn, and now all her thoughts devoted to an early motherhood.

The baby was born on 10 February 2018. The boy was named Myron. Almost immediately after the birth of the crumbs Nelly posted his first photo.

“I’m on another planet , in another dimension. Just in space”, touching was signed by the new mother.

The next few weeks the couple plans to spend in the United States. However, as soon as mother and baby are fit to travel, they will return to Russia.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

20 January 2018, the popular singer for the first time became a father. The musician announced in his Instagram happy fans.

Rapper the ILO became a father for the first time

“Now we have a full set and a full family. Thank you for your son, my best wife and beloved mother,” wrote the ILO.

About Mary’s pregnancy became known in October after the actor presented the video “disappears When the word”. The main character of the video became the wife of a musician, and a few shots fans could notice her rounded tummy.

Now the parents are passionate about taking care of the baby. They often share experiences of being parents. “Full of emotions, his hands still shaking. In my head so many words… The very first you, my soul. Mother, you are our source of love and inspiration! Your love, care and support is the most valuable! You’re the best husband, and now you every day to prove that you’ll be a better father. The main thing that can give man his family – peace of mind, harmony and confidence in every new day, and I feel it every second of life”, – shared her emotions Maria on Instagram.


Малахов, Исинбаева, Савичева: звезды, которые стали родителями за последний год

Another ex-member of “House-2” became a mother in 2018. February 1 a young woman gave birth to a girl, what immediately hastened to tell on Instagram. “Yes! I gave birth to! I don’t know what could be more births, but mine were unforgettable! Every girl I wish she felt the same positive emotions in this wonderful day as I am! We had a beautiful baby girl, our Princess. We are just unreal excited about our happiness,” said Anastasia.

Throughout pregnancy Lisova actively shared stories, somehow related to her interesting position. Young woman admitted that she and boyfriend long dreamed of the baby. Michael helped Anastasia visiting with her doctors and courses for expectant mothers.

Fans believe that the ex-participant of “House-2” will be able to surround the baby with love and care. The very same Anastasia never ceases to confess his love to the elect and a newborn girl.


Famous athlete long enough to hide her pregnancy. She became less likely to appear at social events, but for a few months until the baby still reaffirmed its interesting position.

Yelena Isinbayeva became mother for the second time

14 Feb Isinbayeva posted on Instagram, in which he said that again became a mother.

“Good morning friends! I want to share with you great news! In our family happened replenishment. I gave birth to a son and became a mother twice! Thank you so much for your many congratulations and kind words! Very nice! Those families who are soon going to give birth, I wish you good luck,” wrote Elena.

Family athletes already has a daughter, eve, who was born in the summer of 2014. Previously Elena noted that dreamed of becoming a mother for the second time. The next few weeks the young woman plans to devote the kid.