Yuri Entin announced the completion of a creative activity

Юрий Энтин объявил о завершении творческой деятельности Writer, poet, legendary author of the most famous songs for movies and cartoons has admitted that he was tired. And since he was 80 years old, Yuri Entin has lost all desire to write poetry.
Юрий Энтин объявил о завершении творческой деятельности

Yuri Entin man is a legend, an absolute talent, author of an incredible number of poems, which was written the most popular songs from movies and cartoons: Antoshka “Chunga-Changa”, “Song Genes and Cheburashka”, all major hits “the adventures of Pinocchio”, and, of course, “the Bremen town musicians,” “the flying ship” and more. Yuri Sergeevich wrote many songs and poems, and one considered that there are 108 of his songs, which knows almost everyone.

Now Antino 82 years old and he, by his own admission, never wanted to write no poems, no scripts. Moreover, he does not want to go public, to participate in TV programs. He made a big exception for Timur Kizâkova and his program “When all the houses”. In the air, the poet has made this unexpected announcement.

Юрий Энтин объявил о завершении творческой деятельности“Here you ask, do you have the talent age? I do not know. In General, I don’t want to write – denied from offers and programs. Made an exception for you,” said Entin.

I must say that Yuri Entin has not officially retired, though, because since 1969, was not listed in any organization, that is was a “free artist”. Entin studied at the Pedagogical Institute at the faculty of history and Printing has received the diploma of the editor. Only one year he taught in school history, but, as he says, failed – could not stand when he did not listen and one chatty expelled students from school. Since 1962, seven years was the chief editor in the children’s Department of the firm “Melody”. But after Gennady Gladkov asked him to write lyrics to the music later became the main theme of “the Bremen town musicians”, filed a resignation.