Parting Buzova with Tarasov severely ridiculed in Comedy

Расставание Бузовой с Тарасовым жестко высмеяли в комедийном шоу The new channel program ТНТ4 young comedians called themselves the joke of the presenter, and in her presence. The singer not only heard the irony in his address, but said comedians.
Расставание Бузовой с Тарасовым жестко высмеяли в комедийном шоу

Olga Buzova is one of the most popular girls in the country. She is a TV presenter, singer, actress and designer. A star more than 12 million followers on Instagram and an army of fans. Thus from the very first appearance on the screen – in the project “Dom-2” Olga constantly criticize, laugh at her and think of memy, she becomes a heroine of anecdotes and humorous numbers. Famous people and ordinary Internet users do not get tired to Express his unflattering opinion of Buzova, most often for the eyes.

Channel ТНТ4 filmed the pilot episode of the program “Roasting”, the essence of which, producers say, “bring celebrities into reality.” The mission entrusted to young stand-up artists, who rigidly joke about the personal lives of the stars, about her work and appearance, and in the presence of the hero. The first guest was Olga Buzova.

The TV star went from young comedians. Comedians “walked” and the creativity of the artist, openly saying that she can’t sing, and his personal life, ridiculed her breakup with footballer Tarasov. So look some of the jokes from stenderup.

“As you can see the monument you’re not worth it, and pigeons at the ready”, “First time the phrase “We are happy” Olga heard at the station when I was leaving Peter.” “We have a lot in common – we have not had sex with a good football player.” “I think I know why you left Tarasov. Because he couldn’t live with who has the bigger balls. And I’m not even about you and about your Spitz”. “Girlfriends Buzova, you are to blame in these songs, because usually the girl after breaking up with a guy begins to drink, not to sing. Really it was so difficult with her beer? What are they? Broke up in the post?” – joked Olga.

However, Buzova for this turn of events was ready. She was sitting in the Studio, looked straight at those who laugh at her, and not always, but often enough and she laughed at the jokes. And then responded with a monologue in the style of stand-up. Maybe His soon to be not only the leading, singer, actress, blogger and designer, but will find their place on the comic stage.

“Finally, someone who dared to say to my face those things that usually only write in the comments. To meet the comedians in their own style, I also learned how to write jokes and to properly serve them with scenes. Now I’m not only a TV presenter, writer, fashion designer and singer, but also a stand-up comedian. Are to blame!” – Olya said.

It is unknown who will take part in other editions of “Doneness”. Channel ТНТ4 will show the pilot of another program is a “Selfie” and give the viewer to choose how the transfer should exist. Win the project, which will gather more votes and views in the official group Vkontakte ТНТ4. The results of the channel will be announced March 1.