Максакова оправдалась за связь с Саакашвили The woman said, what ties she has with the politician. Many have begun to talk about the novel Maksakova and Saakashvili after the participation of the singer in his program. Maria is tired of the rumors and told how things really are.
Максакова оправдалась за связь с Саакашвили

Maria Maksakova is in the top most talked about people in the Network. A few months singer lives in Ukraine and is not going to return to Russia, despite public appeals. After the murder of her husband Denis Boronenkov in the centre of Kiev, his property was seized, and the cell, where the jewels of the singer and late husband worth over a million rubles, opened. The lawyer of the deceased policy Andrey Grivtsov is planning to appeal the decision to remove valuables in the Moscow city court, on the grounds that seizure of property is imposed only to ensure the execution of the sentence, and in relation to a deceased person, the punishment cannot be selected. Mary Maksakova deprived of the opportunity to rehabilitate the spouse posthumously

Maria was often the guest of TV shows that go on air of the Ukrainian television. Maksakova came to the program with a leading Mikheil Saakashvili. The singer performed the song and was extremely helpful with the politician. This sparked conversations about the affair. Some star condemned for such behavior. In an interview with reporters, Maria decided to explain how things really are.

“I saw him a few times. I was interested to talk with him. I was sitting in the VIP sector of the “Eurovision”. He came back with the baby. Asked to participate in this program. That’s all. We chose the day because he was leaving then. In the end took a pass. Don’t even know what to say… I always try to get involved in any political process, even though I already clearly said that politics can do no more,” – said Maksakova.
Максакова оправдалась за связь с Саакашвили

The artist plans to tour Europe with concerts in Ukraine in autumn this year. According to the singer in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, it is important to win and to conquer the public Square. Yet Maksakova is addressing the issue of the will. Presumably, Boronenkov widow and her little boy Ivan needs to obtain certain assets remaining from Denis.

“I primarily rely on themselves and on their strength, not that I will be anything to inherit. I have a legacy – talk. Some processes go, this is what lawyers do” – shared the actress.

By the way, in early August, Saakashvili was deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. As argued by the government, order the revocation of his local passport was issued after it became clear that in Georgia against Mikhail Nikolozovich prosecuted.