The first channel has refused to work with Alexander Oleshko

Первый канал отказался работать с Александром Олешко The broadcaster could not find a suitable new project. Alexander Oleshko hinted that he had found another job, but not told exactly where he went. The man thanked his former colleagues for their “good cooperation”.
Первый канал отказался работать с Александром Олешко

The first channel commented on the information about the dismissal of TV presenter Alexander Oleshko. According to representatives, the contract has not been renewed due to the lack of suitable for film projects.

Earlier it was reported that Oleshko left the show “Toch-V-Toch” and went to work on NTV. Alexander thanked the team with which I worked, and left a thankyou page in the social network to all those who supported him.

“No official statements, clarifications, explanation, goodbyes and other things. Only gratitude for his years of bright, diverse, very intense and very interesting, good cooperation, which ended at his own request in early June of this year!” – Oleshko said.

The actor chose not to disclose information about the new place, only hinting that he had taken an offer he could not refuse. “Wherever and with whoever was, the main task remains to give the viewer the joy, peace of mind and good mood! The viewer knows it from the heart,” added Alexander.

Later NTV provided information about the upcoming collaboration with Oleshko. A man will transmit “You are super! Dancing.” On the stage of the project he will join Vadim Takmeneva. Alexander will also help the young participants to cope with anxiety, to support them during performances.

“Happy working with and for children in a variety of projects, films and TV programs accompanied me for a long time. “You’re super! Dancing” – a unique project of NTV who you want to be involved! For many years, being the host of a popular television show in various formats, I have always tried to become for participants of the protector, sustainer, friend and companion. For children especially! In childhood I myself, dreaming of becoming an actor, worked in various studios, clubs. Including dancing. And has been for some time in a group of children of the legendary dance group “JOC”. So I know firsthand how important a kind word and support. Want our young dancers revealed, showing what they’re capable of. Each of them is great!” – Oleshko said.

We will remind, the project “You are super! Dancing” starts in September 2017. 140 young talents will demonstrate their dance abilities in front of a huge audience.