Олег Яковлев скрывал внебрачного сына The Network has released an unpublished interview with the artist, who died June 29. In response to one of the questions the man told me that he has a child in St. Petersburg, but Yakovlev refused to discuss the issue.
Олег Яковлев скрывал внебрачного сына

The Internet was made public the recording of the interview with Oleg Yakovlev, which was made by the journalist Veronica strelcova a few years ago. In conversation with the former soloist “ivanushek International” about the personal life of reporter managed to find out secret details.

As you know, Yakovlev had a lot of fans in all cities of Russia. In particular, he often visited St. Petersburg. When Veronica asked him whether it was true that he has a child in the Northern capital, the musician answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, there is, but we won’t discuss,” admitted Oleg.

In another excerpt of the interview with the musician admitted that each of the members of the band “Ivanushki International” was a certain group of fans, but the artists tried to engage them in intimacy.

“We also distributed across categories. By city or by age, for example. However, despite the fact that we have millions of spectators, among them very little of those with whom one of us is being rewritten, perevarivaetsya, goes to the movies. Not to mention the sex is such a forbidden line; we are not very correctly”, – said Yakovlev.

May soon begin the struggle for the property of the musician. Yakovlev remained flat in the centre of Moscow. Because the artist is not married with Alexandra Kutsevol, she can’t claim the estate. According to civilian spouses, the deceased singer’s, death she is not engaged. If the mother of an unknown baby to confirm that he is the son of Yakovlev, will be another contender for the inheritance.

“I have more living space in St. Petersburg and Montenegro. Thinking about real estate in Sochi. Small kvartirok in St. Petersburg I bought in 2006, Montenegro later. Why do I need it? Maybe in the future it will be useful for relatives. And just as a attachment. Since I’m not a businessman absolutely, I think that’s wise,” said Yakovlev in the record at the disposal of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

On Monday, there was the burial of the ashes Yakovlev at the cemetery Troekurov. There will be the tomb and monument of the artist, where you can gather fans. The ceremony of burial urns of the musician was held in a circle of friends and colleagues of the singer. In Moscow buried the ashes of Oleg Yakovlev