Maksakova has accused ex-wife Boronenkov in the seizure of property

Максакова обвинила экс-жену Вороненкова в захвате имущества The singer believes that the ex-wife of her deceased husband is guided by selfish considerations. Maria Maksakova sure Julia Boronenkov purposely did not agree to division of jointly acquired with the politician of capital in his lifetime.
Максакова обвинила экс-жену Вороненкова в захвате имущества

Not so long ago it became known that Mary Maksakova left stateless deceased husband Denis Boronenkov. In mass media appeared information about the fact that shortly before death eks-the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, allegedly rewrote almost everything he owned, ex-wife Julia and children from his first marriage, fearing confiscation of property. Recently, journalists managed to contact the widow of the deceased politician, who does not hide his indignation at the actions of a former lover Boronenkov.

Mary Maksakova left without a fabulous legacy of her husband

Maria Maksakova believes that the ex-wife of Denis Boronenkov guided by selfish considerations. Political activist, says singer, Julius has provided everything you need. The woman, according to the singer, had no stable income and “pretended to be a designer.” Mary said that Julia had ignored the funeral of Denis and even expressed her condolences.

According to Maksakova, Boronenkov was agreement with the ex-wife for division of matrimonial property, but she ignored them. The singer said that Julia deliberately refused to sign the documents, when the politician was still alive.

“He did not rewrite. This property and it was recorded on their children, the parents of the former wife of Dennis. In fact, it was jointly acquired in marriage. But Julia is the kind of person who tried on the mask of the Martyr. It hurts all the time – it’s the kidneys, the pressure, or something else. That is, it presses, therefore, to pity. Every time Denis has raised the issue of division of property, Julia said: “I can’t crawl to the notary, feel so bad”, – said the artist.

Maria hopes for a fair verdict. The process, says the performer, is open. What is acquired Vorontsovym in marriage, falls under the law in the succession mass. In the future, are shares that are distributed between the applicants property and assets.

Maria Maksakova rebuffed the ex-wife of Denis Boronenkov

We also add that at the moment, the singer continues to stay on the territory of Ukraine. Maria Maksakova admitted that he is not thinking about the place of their future residence. Some time ago, the Network appeared information that the actress is planning projects in Germany. Mary herself does not deny that its a lot of ties with this country, but moving is not planning.

During the conversation with the correspondent the singer also told that it is not forgotten about a birthday of a beloved daughter, Lyudmila, who lives with relatives in Russia. Despite the fact that the singer lives far away from the girl, she continues to support the heiress.

As for the mother of the actress Lyudmila Maksakova, that, says celebrity, not congratulated little grandson Vanya. In mid-April he was a year old. “I can’t explain her actions, to me they are incomprehensible,” said Maria in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.