From the baby who was abused by the mother, refused to close

От малыша, над которым издевалась мать, отказались близкие Journalists have reported that the grandparents of the infant are not planning to take him from the orphanage. It is alleged that relatives of the boy who instead of nipples gave a toy from a adult store, found for him another family.
От малыша, над которым издевалась мать, отказались близкие

Last week, the 29-year-old Muscovite Ekaterina K. and her four month old baby was in the center of the scandal. Social media users were outraged by the behavior of the mother, which replaced the infant pacifier toy store for adults. Dissatisfied with the public spread information about Catherine on social networks with the requirement to deprive of its parental rights. As a result, the woman was placed in a psychiatric hospital and her son was in one of the capital’s orphanages.

A woman who abused the child, check into a mental hospital

A few days later, after images an infant lying with a toy for adults, spread all over the Internet, the journalists found out what was happening to him now. According to correspondents, the nearest relative of the boy in no hurry to take responsibility for his education. The grandfather of the baby Dmitry shows interest in what is happening with family and friends, but his wife, on the contrary, asks about their fate.

От малыша, над которым издевалась мать, отказались близкие

She is the mother of the child, apparently, does not feel warm feelings for him. Catherine claimed not to know who is the father of the baby. According to the woman, she doesn’t like to care for my son.

“I gave birth on the eighth of January, the child pulled out of me, but he doesn’t look like me. Wanted or not wanted? It was an accident. Knocked up. He sucks sometimes, confusing because you need to calm, tearful,” said a resident of Moscow.

According to Catherine, she used a toy from a adult store to distract the child who is teething. The boy’s mother believed that the material from which is made made public the subject will calm his sore gums.

History, have excited social network, interested in the Investigative Committee. The Agency announced its intention to conduct pre-investigation checks, the results of which will be procedural decision.

Earlier media reported that the future baby will be known after medical professionals diagnosed his mother. In addition, its decision shall also be made public guardianship. The parents of Catherine, placed in a psychiatric hospital, took the initiative to give her son to close friends of the family – a married couple, reports