Lolita will not be able to go to prom daughter

Лолита не сможет попасть на выпускной дочери The famous singer said that she would have to miss the celebration of heir. Lolita admitted that he is very upset about the circumstances that divided her from a teenager, but to make them can not do anything.

Very soon – next year – the daughter of popular singer Lolita will be out of school. Now Eva is studying in tenth class and is trying hard to prepare for the upcoming exams. The girl lives in Kiev with her grandmother – the mother of actress Alla Dmitrievna. But see now the parent of a teenager will be even less. Recently the star was denied entry into the territory of Ukraine for three years.

In connection with the sanctions that have affected families and celebrities, IBA will not be able to attend the main festival of graduates – high school graduation. Of course, a caring mother is very worried about this, but did not consider it necessary to transport the child to Moscow and to change schools during the critical period of state certifications.

“She left the last class in the school, and to transfer it to another for a year before graduating impractical. Very sorry that because of the ban I will no longer be able to attend her prom. And nothing will break. I have two homelands – Ukraine, where I grew up and I never betray, and Russia, in which I succeeded as an artist and that is honored for its culture”, – said Lolita.

The actress also said that it plans to transport to Moscow and loved ones, and after a solemn day. The woman said that Kiev is now calm and reason to panic and concern. According to the IBA, her mother can not hold in the Russian capital for more than seven days – Alla dmitrievny, in addition to his daughter, no one was there. Probably also for this reason that the singer is in no hurry to deprive the parent of their comfort zone and socializing with friends.

Not to fall into depression because of the bad news lolita helps the idea that guests can now come to her. “I’m fine. The mother-daughter departure from Ukraine is not closed. Therefore, even the question should not be whether we see these three years. It’s just I can’t drive,” shared the star.

But, of course, to this end did not prepare anybody: neither the IBA nor her family, nor fans. Close celebrities are with difficulty reconciled with the sad news and the inability to host home favorite. The singer told that I will always remember this embarrassing moment. The emotions she shared with the Woman’s Day website.

“Mother was sobbing like a small child. In the day when I had to come and did not come, she called an ambulance. For me, the day was mournful, black. The child also experiences”, – said the artist.