Mack: “Dream to hear from a loved one: “Wanna have your baby”

МакSим: «Мечтаю услышать от любимого: «Хочу от тебя ребенка» Today, June 10, the singer celebrates his birthday. Maksim admitted to “StarHit”, don’t be ashamed still crying and why. She also said that scolds daughters.
МакSим: «Мечтаю услышать от любимого: «Хочу от тебя ребенка»

Daughter like me… only nature, and at once you will not tell. In General, it seems as if the mother went into childbirth, and Sasha Masha did not know that we had a little from her to take.

The house has a rule… to be especially beautiful, when it comes to dad. Girls are asked to do hairstyles, get shoes, clean the bathroom, anything to make him happy.

Can chastise the daughters for the fact… that they Snitch. Since childhood I explain: for each other need to stand, and “snitches” – it’s all bad and shameful.

I dream to hear from a loved one… “I Want you baby.” Yes, I plan kids!

When I’m 70… I will smoke a pipe on some stunning island. For example, in the Bahamas or the Maldives.

My most beautiful body part… period torso from neck to toe. Can not complain!

Still ashamed of… hairstyles that I did in my youth. And funny ponytails, and staining in a strange color… Sometimes it worked – even the pictures scared to revise. Where was my head? By the way, little-known fact: by nature, I curly. Hence the constant war with my hair.

I don’t know if… to stick with a tattoo on his shoulder. Did it in 13 years after a family scandal. I then slammed the door, ran away from home and returned with a picture. At first it was just a bunch of dots and lines. And then, at a more Mature age, finished and turned into a cat. This was the idea. But since “beat” the other, the animal is more like a ferret or marten.

The hunger strike, when… will begin to lose weight. The rest of this is not worth it. Practice good nutrition, exercise regularly. But sometimes, allow yourself cakes as an encouragement for a lot of redone work, for example.

The weirdest THING about MY APARTMENT IS… a ball-cutter. I, in principle, I never use it. Don’t even know how she appeared among the Cutlery. And such things very much. They did not seem to interfere, but don’t bring benefit. In the mobile phone the same thing – a lot of weird contacts. For example, the number Baskov. Where is he?

The LAST TIME I CRIED FOR… high tone in the conversation. I can’t stand it when they shout. Besides, it’s useless. Any problems can be solved peacefully.

IF YOU COULD go BACK IN time, I WOULD… gave the children his name.

Didn’T KNOW WHAT to DO WHEN… my songs have become popular. Came to realize that it’s time to get out of the favorite of the Studio’s closets and start gastralia-

EVER WANT to VISIT… the Altai. Again. Went there a few years ago, these mountains cannot be compared with any other. The beauty is incredible. Miss. In General, I love to travel to Russia, I love an active, even extreme tourism.

The MOST STUPID ACT IN your LIFE WAS… flip on a jet ski during a vacation at sea. I rode not the first time, and she felt wildly experienced and advanced. Thank God, escaped with bruises and slight shock.

MET ON the STREET LADY Gaga… decided that this might be Olga Buzova. Not particularly versed in all these techniques, shocking – they are all the same to me strange.

IF I HADN’T BECOME a SINGER… I would go to the builders and constructed a parallel world for comparison.