Tori Karasev angered the public for candid photos with girlfriend

Тори Карасева возмутила общественность откровенными фотографиями с подругой The former participant “Houses-2” has shocked fans with a controversial photo. Tori Karasev posted some pictures, which show with a friend. She was accompanied write passionate declarations of love.
Тори Карасева возмутила общественность откровенными фотографиями с подругой

Tori Karasev was once one of the brightest stars of the project “Dom-2”. The young woman not only built the love on the show, but also managed to demonstrate vocal talents. However, after the departure of the controversial show favorite of fans disappeared from radar.

The fact that in 2009 it was a tragedy. Victoria accidentally swallowed a piece of shell from mussels, which were in her dish with seafood. As a result, Karasev was cut the esophagus and treatment and rehabilitation took a young woman a lot of time and effort.

She is now actively engaged in social networks, shares with fans the news of his personal life. Fans began to pay attention to the fact that next to tori is always her close friend Alena. Recently a friend Karaseva published a very controversial footage.

“There are people who are very your sewn sharp needle in there somewhere. You ready your life to a drop to give, they are like the air that you can breathe. They all trust hot sparks lit in heart of fire favorite the most, those which are not. I love you” – Alena signed the photograph, which depicted kissing Victoria.

Many came to the conclusion that the way girls show excessive intimacy. However, fans Karaseva embarrassed that she has many years married by Vyacheslav Dvorackova. The man helped the second half to cope with the disease, has always supported her and was there. A few years ago the wife disagreed, but in the end they managed to reconcile. However, then the Network is not раз0 talking about their breakup.

Karasev itself only fuels the rumors of an ambiguous relationship with a friend. It also puts combines footage of her.

“When you’re around, this is pure bliss! My Panther”, – such signature emblazoned under another joint frame with the girlfriend.

Now Tory is often a get in touch with fans, but she prefers not to answer questions concerning her personal life. It is only known that a young woman leading a private life and engaged in business. Secrets she trusts only the people you want.

Fans Karaseva ambivalent about the rumors about her new passion. “Children it’s time to give birth, and she’s with her friends hugging”, “tori, what’s your connection with this girl? She often recognizes in love”, “Both an incredible beauty. As long as you were healthy, and the rest is not important,” wrote the fans of ex-member “House-2”.

Apparently, Karasev is not going to advertise linwu life. Judging by the pictures, she feels incredibly happy with her friend.