Kristina Asmus was caught in the arms of a stranger

Кристину Асмус застукали в объятиях с незнакомцем Fans of the actress believe that she broke up with her husband Garik Kharlamov. Stars rarely publish pictures, also she’s not wearing a ring. The last photo Asmus and completely bewildering fans.
Кристину Асмус застукали в объятиях с незнакомцем

A couple of Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus constantly blame the public and press. Some fans began to notice that the couple rarely began to appear together, the actress often says that working in different cities. According to Instagram, the actress is rarely at home.

Before she congratulated famous wife’s anniversary. She posted a photo of him taken long ago.

Кристину Асмус застукали в объятиях с незнакомцем“My husband likes to take pictures, so post ancient. Today we have a wooden wedding. Exactly 5 years ago we got married. Have been together for 6 years and seem to always. That was nothing to the man. We are so rooted to each other. Yes, 5 years of marriage, maybe not so much. But I can definitely say that whatever it is, Garik, my dearest people, my blood, my fraternity. Love you madly, admire you, reach for you and in many ways are smoothed. I love you with all of your childishness and petulance of your snoring and inefficiency. But! For your family you’re breaking up the way for anything in this life. And you just superficially loving father! I’m so lucky. Yes, we are very different, we have opposite views on almost everything, but you can negotiate. It’s cool!” – shared Christina.
Кристину Асмус застукали в объятиях с незнакомцем

However, the last photo in her Instagram caused a resonance among the Network users. The actress posted a touching photo of a young actor to advertise the show. Fans noted that with a colleague Kristina looks more happy and loving than in the picture with the legitimate spouse.

“Who was on the show? What are your impressions? Who’s going and when? Who do not know what it is and why?” asked Asmus.
Кристину Асмус застукали в объятиях с незнакомцем