Lyubov Tolkalina urged fans to pray for the health of the widow Maranova

Любовь Толкалина призвала поклонников молиться за здоровье вдовы Марьянова The actress is outraged by the situation. According to Tolkalina, Xenia BIC is now very difficult, so the star of theatre and film asked people to leave the woman alone. Love claims that the widow of the deceased Dmitry attack the media.

Nine days ago, died suddenly Dmitry Maryanov. The man died at the age of 47 years. The reason for such a sudden death was called cut off the blood clot. However, later the media began to appear evidence that shortly before his death, the actor was seen in a specialized rehabilitation centre where they treat alcoholism. As it became known, he felt bad, he called an ambulance, but the truck did not come. The man tried to take him to the hospital, but he died.

Network outraged by the conversation Manager ambulance with a dying friend Maranova

Lyubov Tolkalina, colleague Maranova for the production of “the Unreal show” to support his widow, Xenia BIK. According to the actress, the woman even offered money for an interview about Dimitri. The very movie star also took seriously the death of a friend, and can not recover.

“I’m asking you, dear, dear, beloved people, let’s be a people please. Let’s stop and pray for Dima. Stop to discuss, to resent, to conduct personal investigations, to gossip, to talk. In this story, a lot of “if”. You can’t imagine what a tragedy in the family. We need to take care of Xenia. Pray for her health… Announce a time of silence. For Dimkinoy memory, today is 9 days,” – said in a microblog Tolkalina.

Fans supported the Love and leave words of condolence to the family Maryanova. “Let Dimitri rest in peace. We will remember him as a wonderful actor, handsome man, smiling and positive person”, “Remember Dmitry as a very bright person. May his soul rest. He deserves it,” “May, Xenia family to go away, so no one pulled them… It’s terrible,” – said in comments the users of the Network.

Until now, law enforcement agencies and friends Maranova trying to understand and trying to picture the events of the last days of his life.

“All mystery, as it happened. When I was leaving from Xenia, she said to me: “Doctors do not know how this could have happened because it was completely under control.” The last message he wrote Ksenia: “I’m very hurt,” said Tolkalina. She wanted to pick him up from the hospital. Yesterday I sat and berated myself: “Why didn’t I take it? I felt that I should go after him.” All the days that he was in the hospital, she wrote him messages… You should have seen them… These relationships do not have the right to die. They loved each other.”