Nikita Dzhigurda has responded to rumors about infidelity Marina Anisina those

Никита Джигурда отреагировал на слухи об измене Марины Анисиной Some time ago, the athlete met with a charismatic foreigner who turned out to be her big fan. Marina Anisina spends a lot of time with a mysterious man. Nikita Dzhigurda expressed themselves on the other skater.
Никита Джигурда отреагировал на слухи об измене Марины Анисиной

Not so long ago in Instagram Marina Anisina those, there was a joint photograph with an attractive foreigner. Fans interested in the personality of a new friend athletes. They began to ask the skater about whom she has a mysterious companion. Marina introduced chosen followers.

Никита Джигурда отреагировал на слухи об измене Марины Анисиной“At the fashion show I met a very interesting and smart man. Professional. A wonderful cook! Sparkling affair Ducasse saw almost all of my ice dancing. It compliments French refined” – shared Anisina.
Никита Джигурда отреагировал на слухи об измене Марины Анисиной

Rumors that the athlete spun a new novel, and came to her lover Nikita Dzhigurda. Some even suspected Anisina treason. The showman hurried to speak about a friend of a skater. According to Nikita, he’s not jealous mate a foreigner

Call the media trolls
To impress me they want
My Anise from the pain
Got yourself guys
Or rather – Roma – French
The richest boy…
Did not realize that I’m not a loser –
I’m here play the role of a Creator!

After some time the showman has commented on the video, which Anisina dancing with a new friend. “Learn from Dzhigurda. “Tantric”…” – said the athlete, adding that the novel moves is not worse than Nikita Borisovich. The artist could not remain indifferent to the statement skater. He dedicated to her the next verses:

Goddess Anis writes about
Roma Ducasse dancing
No worse than the hold –
Yes, but in their dance
Missing love
Non-sterile rum – Om,
And our bed PA –
Fire, not gloss
Captivates the country and the city!

Then Dzhigurda said about his feelings for Anisina those and urged detractors to stop spreading rumors. “If a man deep in love with his woman, he wanted to make her happy, forgive loved all of it! My Anise – Holy goddess, we had the century to get married! Detractors, close the jaws until Veles curses you as slaves of the lie, not spotted!” – said the showman.

Recall that Nikita Dzhigurda officially divorced with Marina Anisina those in March of this year. Marriage showman and athlete was terminated in Krasnogorsk city court. However, the stars were in no hurry to put an end to the relationship and continued to chat, and to spend the weekend with family with children. After some time, the couple even announced the reunion.