Любовь Толкалина вынуждена делить гардероб с дочерью The actress wears the same things as her successor. Thus the star teaches 15-year-old Masha Konchalovsky attentive to expensive clothes. Just as, in the opinion of Lyubov Tolkalina girl learns to appreciate what he has.

      Love Tolkalina fans are accustomed to seeing in a very feminine image, often flattering her figure. 38-year-old actress is an example for many women seeking to maintain youthfulness and grace. The ability to always look at the height of the artist teaches not only strangers but also his own daughter.

      Lyubov Tolkalina was justified for the photos in the Nude

      15-year-old Masha Konchalovsky, as previously stated, her mother, grows very creative girl and has his idea of beauty. However, Tolkalina have to make some efforts to have the successor formed good taste and craving for beauty. The actress admits that she and her daughter now share one closet for two.

      “So I’m trying to teach my daughter to respect expensive things, explains his decision to Love. – She realizes that do not just spoil a new dress, because mom is also planning it to appear somewhere”.

      Apparently, the methods of the artist work. However, 15-year-old Masha has still not trying to look feminine. As is usually the case with teenagers, she wears what she’s comfortable. Lyubov Tolkalina hoped that over time the daughter’s preferences will change.

      “I’m waiting, when Masha wakes up the natural desire to look good, be neat, smart, to learn to walk in heels – shared the actress. – I realize that I am forcing the events that all the time, you just need to relax. The need is the main teacher in my life.”

      Looking back on how they were formed tastes Masha konchalovskaya, the artist emphasizes that and had tried to indulge some girlish joy, but a young person often remained indifferent. “On her 14th birthday, right to the passport, I gave her a master class in makeup. I must say that Mary has a bad taste, unlike me at her age. I still have the first passport photographs. I was a pathetic creature with a problem skin, with terrible bangs in the style of punk, with the creepy black hands and red lips” – said Lyubov Tolkalina in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

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