Настасья Самбурская неожиданно «посинела» The star of “Univer” updated hairstyle. Nastasya Samburski decided to add in bright colors. The famous actress went to a beauty salon and a trusted stylist who transformed her.

      Still the image of Nastasya Samburski was easily recognizable. Sporty brunette with perky character, so you know fans of the star of “Univer”. Apparently, the actress has decided that it’s time for a change. Celebrity decided to add bright colors to your image, while not fundamentally changing the image.

      Samburski went to a beauty salon and a trusted professional stylist. The result of the Transfiguration on the head Nastasya came long strands of blue. Perhaps this is a false curls, but it is possible that it was produced by colouring the stars. In this case, Nastasya will have more difficult to return to normal, if such a desire she experiences. The actress, as usual, with humor, commented on his new hairstyle and said that she “turned blue”.

      Interestingly, Samburski when he posted a selfie with a new hairstyle, her fans reacted to the image of the actress in different ways.

      “If it is temporary, it is nothing, you can have some fun. But you’re a completely different style submit”, “Nastya, why?” “Such a bright color, nice…”, “”blue beard”, “Funny and not vulgar. Thinking also to do”, “Very nice, another strand of red or yellow is nice,” wrote the star followers.

      Interestingly, some fans have compared Samburski with other celebrities who also made his bright locks. For example, some time ago conducted an experiment with the image of Nelli Ermolaeva. Leading kolorirovanie strands were pink. Because Ermolaev, and Samburski, is a brunette, her hair, the effect was noticeable very clearly. Fans of Nelly also liked her new look. So the leadership decided not to wash off the paint and leave it as long as possible.

      Interestingly, some stars go on and not dyed hair, and all the ends of the hair. The most popular color for a very long time is red. This shade chose Victoria Daineko, Elina Kamiren and Nyusha. Fans of the latter could not believe that the singer really dared to make such a bold experiment.

      New hair color Nyusha has caused discussion in the Network

      “It’s probably a wig. I think so,” “This is Nyusha probably start to make a video. The clip was painted, probably!”, “You really changed your hair color, or is it overhead curls? Can’t be cool, I hope this won’t take long to paint”, “Unusual. But you go with it. Put a photo in full growth,” commented subscribers stars. By the way, Nyusha is so liked red hair, she’s like this is not the first month.

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