Ксению Бородину и Курбана Омарова наладили общение The paparazzi photographed the couple in a supermarket. About the tensions in family life Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov became known in mid-July. Fans could not believe what a beautiful couple can break up and hoped for a speedy truce young parents.

      Ксению Бородину и Курбана Омарова наладили общение

      The news about the failure of relationships couples Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov has literally stirred up the entire community. Fans could not believe that between a husband and wife lost interest such passionate feelings. Fans were hoping that the couple will be able to resolve the misunderstanding and make up. Especially because they share a common daughter Thea, who was born six months ago.

      But now the fans a glimmer of hope that the crisis in relations between the presenter and businessman passed. The couple was noticed by the journalists in one of the supermarkets. Borodin and lobster chose the goods for the house, groceries and other necessary stuff. But it is possible that while the Xenia and Eid do not fully forgive each other’s wrongs, and only together have solved everyday problems – because they are raising a daughter together. Not so long ago, Borodin said that not communicating with your spouse.

      “We don’t talk and no contact – admitted she “StarHit”. – When he wants to know the news of the Thea or to arrange a meeting with her, calling my assistant-the nurse”.

      We will remind, Xenia is an original way hinted his fans that, perhaps, she returned to family life. The TV presenter was dressed in a dress, remarkably similar to the one in which she married one of the first and published a picture in his microblog. Many fans Borodina already thought that in this way she makes it clear about the truce with Omarov.

      Meanwhile, a scandal in a stellar family lasted almost a month. In July, she made a shocking confession that she’s going to divorce with her husband.

      The situation was aggravated by the fact that Omarova noticed on vacation in Barcelona with actress Nastassja Samburski. But the couple denies the existence of a romantic relationship, emphasizing that the trip was purely business in nature. In addition, the star of “Univer” openly calls Kurban “strange man” and makes it clear that the affair with him she would not be able.

      Husband Ksenia Borodina rest in Spain with Nastassja Samburski

      Lobster was justified for having spent time in Spain in society Samburski. According to him, in a European city he was only in order to speed up decision-making in a business project.

      “In Spain you have a big company. We were there discussing the project, signed the contract. It so happened that she was there on vacation, and my company flew her to Spain, not to lose time,” said lobster.

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