Lover of the bride of Prokhor Chaliapin got the results of the DNA test

Любовник невесты Прохора Шаляпина получил результаты ДНК-теста The famous singer continues to designate the chosen date in the program “really”. Prokhor Chaliapin admitted that the facts of the past Tatiana Guzeevoy forced him to take another look at the second half. Besides the artist suspected the blonde of cheating.
Любовник невесты Прохора Шаляпина получил результаты ДНК-теста

Prokhor Chaliapin was accused of infidelity to his chosen Tatiana Guzeva. The actor hired a private detective who followed the young woman. It turned out that she had the attentions of a fitness coach Sergei Boitsova. A private investigator captured a few in the gym. This information became an unpleasant surprise for the singer, because he was very serious and made Tatiana an offer hands and hearts. Guzeva, Chaliapin and Fighters have become the heroes of the program “actually” to deal with the situation.

The bride of Prokhor Chaliapin is cheating on him with a fitness trainer

“I never gave cause for jealousy. Prokhorov, I am loyal to you,” said Tatiana.
Любовник невесты Прохора Шаляпина получил результаты ДНК-теста

Prokhorov claims that the Fighters spent the night with Gusevoj. However, beloved actor denies such information. Sergei himself is also denied the rumors about the affair with Tatiana. “We communicated. I like women, I can talk,” said the coach. Guseva added that he had met with a young man three times and consulted with him in writing. However, Chaliapin didn’t believe Tatiana and Sergey. “My feeling is that they had a relationship,” – said Prokhorov.

Expert Roman Ustyuzhanin asked later, if he was faithful Guzeevoy. Before you answer, the artist suddenly hesitated. “Comforted me,” – said Prokhorov. The examiner repeated the question.

“Can I have five women a day, I have a very large list of applicants. But to this woman I felt. She ruined my raspberries inside,” said the singer.
Любовник невесты Прохора Шаляпина получил результаты ДНК-теста

The lie detector showed that Guseva was not the only beloved stars. “I learned a lot, and a lot of inner turmoil,” added Prokhorov.

In the Studio we were talking about the biological dad of 14-year-old daughter Guzeevoy. Earlier in the broadcast “In fact,” it became clear that the former civil husband of Tatiana, Vladimir Chernykh is not a parent of its successor. A private investigator hired by Shalyapin, found two hypothetical fathers of Olga, agreed to undergo a DNA test. One of them called for shooting gear. The appearance of Damir Galimzyanov came as a surprise to Guzeevoy.

“Tatiana, I came for the child. Olga – my daughter, I’m sure. She’s just like me, we look alike. Tatiana, we have had an affair. Have you forgotten? And the night at the cottage? – a man turned to the blonde. – I have a wonderful family – a wife and two children. I love them very much and I’ll love you Olga as his own child.”
Любовник невесты Прохора Шаляпина получил результаты ДНК-теста

Tatiana stated that he had experienced feelings for Damir a very long time. “I buried those memories. It can’t be. If you still want to think, please,” retorted the young woman. In the program announced the results of the DNA test. Galimzyanov suspicions were not confirmed.

“I have in my hands the results of the DNA examination. So, Damir Galimzyanov and Olga Black. Paternity excluded”, – said the presenter Dmitry Shepelev.

It turned out that another ex-lover of the bride Chaliapin is the real biological father of her daughter. Shepelev provided Guzeevoy the right to choose whether to sound the name of the former chosen one or not. The woman was unable to hide his surprise when he reviewed the results of the second examination, but sharing them is not. “How…? I won’t say. All this will stay with me,” shared Tatiana.